Saturday, August 1, 2020

The fig-eating bunny - neighbors - hurricane watch!

Welcome to a new month. 
Almost can't believe we are this far into the year. . . . and haven't been away
 anywhere since early February!  
When we headed to the North Carolina coast for that chilly, but fun, weekend
 break, we never dreamed it would be the only trip away from home for
many months.
Our planned visit home to England in spring never happened. I'm so missing my
family and friends, and still don't know when we will be able to go.
Dreams of a cruise this year came to a halt. Plans to leave home are on
the back burner right now.

So here we are in August and the only excitement - of the scary kind - might
 be brought by a hurricane with the name Isaias, which nobody seems to know
 how to pronounce!  We are inland but still always have to be concerned as 
hurricanes have often wreaked havoc this far from the coast, and we've
 had severe property damage in the past.

This morning our dear neighbors are in the process of moving out after renting
 the house for over 12 years!  We are going to miss them so much as they cared 
about us, made sure we were safe. . . . . and that we woke up each morning if our
blinds weren't open!!!

The property has been sold and we are now on tenterhooks as to what will happen.
As the purchasers are a contractor/realtor couple who purchased as soon as the
 FOR SALE went up, we feel they will probably not live here but will either renovate
 and flip, renovate and rent out again, or (and this is happening all around 
our neighborhood when older houses go on the market due to its prime location),
 knock down and replace with a larger new build!
Time will tell - trying to stay positive as we don't want a bad situation which could
mean our own For Sale sign going up!

A bit of happiness among the somber goings on this morning, was our own
 'Peter Rabbit' quite unconcerned by moving trucks and many strangers on his turf!
He popped out at 7:30 am for a breakfast of dropped fruits under the fig tree.
Meanwhile, the birds, mostly catbirds, mockingbirds and robins, have taken a
break from serious pecking at the figs high up in the tree. . . . . I know they'll be 
back later though.

Sunny Saturday morning. . . . . . . perhaps a weather lull before the storm arrives.
  Very hot though - heat index predicted to reach 105-107F this afternoon!

Tomorrow I start my cat sitting job for three weeks as our other next door neighbor 
will be away.  It takes Ms. Nala cat at least a week to get over being left by her 'dad' 
and become happy to see me twice a day.  By week three she may even climb into my 
lap for a cuddle!  I will also be harvesting the tomatoes, peppers, basil etc.  

Hoping this late summer month will be a good one for us all.


  1. Dear Mary,
    Oh how unsettling. First losing your neighbors and not knowing what will come next and then having to worry about a hurricane! I'm keeping fingers crossed that all will turn out all right.

  2. Hi Mary :) I can't believe that August is here...your Peter Rabbit is a cutey...I'm praying for you that your new neighbours will be decent...I'm sure everyone on this lane were worried about who was buying, and now they can rest assured we are quiet and caring people!! A little gossip, apparently the last people who owned the place were loud and awful...I've had a dozen neighbours tell me they are happy we moved in and the loud awful people are gone! I'm sorry you can go back and visit England, that must be heartbreaking for you. xx

  3. It is scary when you lose good neighbors! Sending you hopes that the hurricane does not bring damage your way. It happens to us as well with some of the hurricanes....crazy!

  4. Hope you get some nice new permanent neighbours, it seems since about 10 years ago the property market in the US is taking another turn and overseas investors are taking up holiday homes but better than the homes becoming unkempt I suppose. I hope you will be safe during the oncoming hurricane - I love blogging because you get a window on parts of the world that are in the news, stay safe. Betty

  5. Your own little Peter Rabbit! Does he really eat figs?
    Sad about holidays and plans being cancelled, but it is the sensible thing to do.

  6. Hello Mary,
    I wonder why they didn't just call the hurricane Isaiah instead of the Spanish version of the name. A fig-eating rabbit sounds like a good start for a story. I hope your new neighbours will be as delightful as the ones moving out. Always changes.
    I made your fig tarts yesterday - so lovely. Thank you! We shared them with our daughter and her family, and there were two left over for our lunch treat today. Crispy even after sitting overnight. I just covered them with a cloth napkin rather than seal them up.
    Stay safe!

  7. Holding you in my thoughts and prayers as the storm approaches. We have a precious older neighborhood with older cottages. They are sold at high dollar, demolished and massive homes are built on their small lots. Breaks my heart.

    Stay safe! Hugs!

  8. Peter Rabbit is absolutely cute. It's amazing that he wasn't perturbed with so much activity going on. Hope you're safe from the hurricane. The heat is pretty bad here too but thunderstorms could be on the horizon.

  9. Amazing captures of the fig eating rabbit, he certainly looks a happy bunny! You will miss having those caring neighbours in your life, so sad that they had to move away. I hope the disruption, whatever the future holds for the property, is kept to a minimum and that the hurricane passes you by without causing damage. A lovely quote to end your post today, thank you.

  10. We will miss you too as well as the wildlife in our neighborhood! Xox

  11. We have bunnies visiting us quite regularly these days also. They like the lower leaves on the roses, seedy grass, and I think they have been in the herb garden and I know they ate some of our radishes. But they are so cute. Hope you are safe from the hurricane, take care!


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