Monday, November 9, 2020

A new favorite in my wardrobe. . . . .

Nothing beats cozying up in a cashmere sweater on a
 cool day. . . . . . or a chilly evening.
 Does it?

This is my recently acquired sweater for fall/winter of 2020, and actually
 my birthday gift from Bob.
Above you can see the horseshoe cable design better on the lighter shade, 
below is the same sweater in black which I chose.
It is gorgeous! 
Ticked all the boxes for me, plus I managed to grab it during a sale!

Note: Although described as a 'tunic sweater' I would call it more just a
longer length, but not a tunic which usually comes further down the thighs.
I'm tall and for me this length is perfect.

Luxurious, slightly heavier textured, pure cashmere.
Well constructed and finished.
Roomy but not baggy.
Funnel neck - so much more comfortable than a turn over
 turtleneck - which is often too warm here in the south - and
looks best with my now much shorter hair.
Longer length - can be worn with pants and skirts.
Sleeves also a great length, I often can't find those.
So soft and cozy.

Cabled funnel neck cashmere from Garnet Hill

This is not an ad for Garnet Hill, however I have purchased several sweaters,
both cashmere and alpaca, over the past years from this New Hampshire company.
All have been great. Being a small company, they have always had excellent 
customer service.  
If this sweater goes on sale again, I may just buy another color . . . . . and then
 move somewhere with a cooler climate so I can wear it every day!

Are you buying a new sweater for the winter days ahead?

Next, I'll be searching for a new, perfect for me, robe.
A perfect Christmas gift and certain to be worn a lot this winter
with more time at home.
This may be difficult as I do not like heavy, bulky robes which
make me feel just that - heavy and bulky! I'm already dealing
with a few extra COVID pounds, how about you?
It also has to be the right length, long but not too long so I trip 
on it going up and down the stairs.
Fleece is fun but only if a thin, lightweight version.
Flannel is comfortable but looks somewhat wrinkled after lounging.
Velour can be perfect and comes in gorgeous colors.
I like a shawl collar, deep pockets, substantial tie belt - definitely
 with belt loops - that doesn't end up like a twisted rope, and
 makes me feel like a sack of North Carolina sweet potatoes!

Here's to a new week - let's make it a good one.


  1. That sweater is beautiful! No sweater shopping for me here in Naples, Fl. Though we will get chilly days in January and February, but I have enough sweaters from living in NC to take care of that!

  2. Gorgeous, and you can't beat the feel of cashmere. I have just bought a Winter sweater too! Cream wool with a light blue fairisle pattern and a sort of cowl neck. Warm!

  3. Dearest Mary,
    No sweater buying for me as I still have my stack. Also some cashmere and cashmere with silk. So soft and light. Got them from the Escada Outlet.
    Garnet Hill is a good company indeed, I've had bed linens from them as well.
    Well, as for that robe, I'm like you, having to deal with our stairs, a real long one is 'dangerous'! Right now this season I'm wearing a Hanro from Neiman Marcus Last Call or Saks Off Fifth Outlet, in a burgundy and that is the perfect length, got a nightgown with it as well. Both of us once bought such a soft longer robe from Costco but on most days for Georgia, you get too hot inside them... So that is only for some really cold winter nights. I got some other light all cotton ones from Yves Delorme, from their Outlet, we got their bed linens and also our down duvets. It is important for feeling comfy after a shower for lounging or early morning till after breakfast. No rush at our age... Bed rest is also very important.
    Good luck in locating your robe!

  4. The sweater looks gorgeous. Not sure whether I'll get any new sweaters. It's still so warm this year.

  5. I love this sweater! It is gorgeous. I am sure that you look beautiful in it Mary. I love, love cashmere sweaters and scarves, so comfortable.
    A new robe is always a great treat for winter. Have a wonderful day. I hope that you are enjoying the weather.

  6. What a beautiful sweater.
    I did venture to the Nike store a few days ago (the first time this year) as I needed a new pair of walking shoes. I also ended up coming home with a cozy black sweatshirt too. Mostly I just want cozy, comfy for around the house since I am not going out much.

  7. It is classic! (You would not have been able to wear that here lately, but I know that the weather will change.

  8. A most beautiful sweater! It's been chilly here and I've pulled out my cashmere, but I have to wear a cotton t-shirt underneath or I squirm with itches, so nothing like that beautiful funnel neck. A robe that doesn't add pounds would be a great thing! I always feel rather dumpy in mine!

  9. Cashmere is one of the nicest, softest materials to feel on one's skin, isn't it! I have a few cashmere items in my wardrobe, but at the moment it is not yet cold enough for me to wear them, what with me sitting at my desk near the central heating every working day.
    You made a good choice, and I guess I would also buy another one in a different colour. This is definitely one to keep, not something to be worn just one season and then never again.

  10. Oo, nice birthday pressie! Cashmere is so gorgeous, I love it. Mr P had an old Pringle cashmere (25+ years) which somehow became relegated to the workwear pile and became paint spattered and snagged and just this week I've reclaimed it and from the best bits have made a sewing bag and a pair of slippers for myself. My feet are blissfully happy!


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