Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Bedrooms - Sleep - Italian Fabrics. . .

Rest, relaxation and sleep. 
Something we all need
 to help us through this time.

Do you sleep well these days?
Have you made changes to your bedroom
since the pandemic struck?
This is not my bedroom. 
The photo is of a room I really love. 
So different with it's barely there shades on linens,
walls, armoire paint, and the plain scrubbed floor.

SuzAnna's Antiques

 I would add at least one beautiful thing to the wall - perhaps
this collage of a sweet bird and embroidered fabrics.

Then I found this photo of a bathroom in similar colors.

My first trip to Tuscany was twenty years ago before blogging
 began. A dream visit which has never faded from memory.
 I purchased some linens in the lovely small town of Cortona, 
yes, the setting for Frances Mayes' much loved book
 'Under the Tuscan Sun', later made into a movie.

That memorable small shop was filled with beautiful finished linens
 for bed and table, but too heavy and bulky to bring home. 
I purchased several linen kitchen tea towels though, such great quality, 
and I'm still using them. . . . . . . they have even become better with age.

Looking through storage boxes in the attic last week I came
 across a length of woven linen also purchased there. 
The linen is the color of old gold with a blue thread running
 through it which makes it a different color on the reverse.
It really is beautiful, somewhat loosely woven, with a pattern
of leaves.

The pale peach damask on the chair seat is a piece of fabric left over
 from pillow covers I made years back when sewing home decor
 items for customers.

I've no plans to redecorate a bedroom any time soon, however if I do, 
I may gravitate toward these gentle shades. They certainly bring 
back memories of wonderful past trips to Italy. . . . . . where I stayed
in some very special bedrooms, including a palace in Florence,
an olive farm near Sienna, and a 5 star Venetian hotel.
Regarding sleepless nights - do you ever do this?

During these past months I've had nights when sleep is disturbed.
Counting sheep jumping over fences just doesn't work for me!
Instead, I pick a trip to a special place, perhaps a distant island,
 or a city, a safari location, even my expedition to Antarctica.
Remembering my time in those places, and making myself recall
 details. . . . . .believe it or not, I'm soon in dreamland!


  1. Beautiful fabric and colors. That sounds like a great way to fall asleep!

  2. What a wonderful way to fall asleep. I'll try it when I next have a hard time falling asleep. That live of fabric is lovely. I think I'll dream of Italy tonight.

  3. Hi good night Mary. All right? I want to present my Blogger on culture, travel and tourism. I would like to invite you to follow my Blogger. I'm the follower number 491.

  4. Dearest Mary,
    Lovely damask and jacquard fabrics! Love that special weave and its beautiful effect.
    Why could you not bring that back home? Even mailing it in a parcel to your own would have worked; tax free even... How much we have always carried back home inside our suitcases over those 37 years, it would fill a mountain. Especially during the early time before 9/11 when we still were allowed to bring 2 suitcases each from Europe and at 32 kg each instead of 22 now... WHAT a difference that is.
    Yes, French and Italian bed linens are the very best and they make for sound sleeping and sweet dreams.

    1. Mariette, I did bring that fabric home - found it in storage as I try to sort through a lot of attic boxes - an ongoing project for the winter months!
      Used to bring a lot of things back from the UK when able - and hopefully that will again be possible once we can travel!

  5. Those beautiful linens and colours! What a great idea for going to sleep - we have had many restless nights over he past six months of you-know-what. I sometimes make myself think of flowers in our garden - now I will try going over past travels, always pleasant.

  6. Lovely colours, and the sfumato effect of the photos makes them even softer.
    What are you going to to with the beautiful piece of linen fabric that you rediscovered in your attic?

    It is very rare that I do not sleep well. If it happens, it is usually either to do with my mind ruminating about a difficult task at work, or a strained relationship with a friend or other person. In such cases, I find it helps me to "walk" in my mind, choosing a route I know very well, such as from our cottage in Ripon to Fountains Abbey. I try to stick to the real paths and sights along the way, disciplining my mind into not racing ahead but going pace by pace. That sends me off to the realm of dreams, sometimes even before I reach the end of the path!

  7. Dear Mary,
    Your beautiful length of woven linen needs to stay out of that storage box. I know that little corner shop in Cortona. I looked for it last time we were there but it had disappeared.

    1. Oh no! I recall it above the main piazza, on the left up a hilly cobblestone street - aren't they all like that in Cortona! Beautiful things for sale, Italian lady with no English, but very helpful. I could have brought the entire shop home with me!!!
      Mary x

  8. I haven't been to Italy, except in books. That wonderful bedroom does take me to the Italy of The Enchanted April, which is a book I have listened to many, many nights when I couldn't sleep, over the last several years. It worked to put me to sleep because I knew and loved the story so well, and would get lost in it just as you do in your travels, to the point where I was unconscious of myself in the present, and then... just plain unconscious!

    I do sometimes also imagine myself in a favorite place, usually in a canoe on a lake I know, or on a cloud overlooking a familiar and sublime landscape. I'm glad I read your post just before bedtime; maybe tonight will be a good one for peaceful sleep.

  9. wish you a lot of memorable dreams in a comfy bed what color it ever is.

  10. What gorgeous images. That bathroom is to swoon over.
    Love, love that gorgeous piece of fabric.
    Sleep? I have some good nights and some not good nights. On the not so good nights I either get up and read awhile or lay there and images I am laying on a warm, sandy beach - maybe in a hammock or just a towel, but soaking up the sun and feeling the breeze gently blow over me.


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