Saturday, November 21, 2020

Saturday morning in November -


  • Amaryllis - including a new bulb bought this week -
  • Trees changing - leaves falling in soft breeze -
  • Knockout roses still blooming -
  • Almond croissants - thank you Trader Joe -

Hope your weekend is beautiful
Stay safe ~ Be well


  1. All the trees are bare here. It's nice to see your pretty leaves. Aren't those croissants from TJ's the best? I like the chocolate ones the best but I only buy them once or twice a year because I could get into big trouble with them!

  2. Dearest Mary,
    Some cozy pictures from progress and beauty in and around your home.
    Aha, you also have the joy of being near a Trader Joe's.
    Will be running my rounds in Atlanta soon enough for stocking up.
    This year is flying by!

  3. Good things on a Saturday morning. Our trees are quickly losing their leaves, but the colours this year have been amazing. Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. Thank you for the Amaryllis picture especially. It reminds me so vividly of my mother who always insisted on having some ready to bloom over Christmas or in the dark days of January and February.

  5. I wonder what colour your Amaryllis will be?
    Nice Saturday morning (though it's Sunday here!)

  6. Sounds lovely dear! I can smell that croissant from here... :) xx

  7. I love almond croissants.We were only talking this afternoon about if /when we will get to France and taste the best almond croissants ever.Fingers crossed before C gets too old/ tired to drive 6 hours from here to the Channel.

  8. Dear Mary,
    Your Amaryllis look very promising. I love watching them grow, sometimes even bring out additional blooms. Looking forward to seeing pictures.

  9. Nice colors on those trees. Amazing that the roses are still blooming. Trader Joe's, eh? We have one in the state and I do enjoy stopping by. I should pick up an amaryllis because I have always wanted one. It could keep me company over the Christmas season. 😃

  10. Looks like a great combination for a Saturday in November!

  11. Beautiful as always Mary .... all looks quite similar to here ..... its breakfast time here .... oh for an almond croissant ! XXXX

  12. Now that looks like a special weekend and almond croissants too!
    We had Mary's blueberry muffins!

  13. Mary, I'm right there with you! I've tried the new Picmonkey, but it's confusing and I always give up. Why change a good thing? I used it often all these years, and like you from its beginning. Straight forward! Now, it is layers of confusion for me.
    Hope we can master this new one!
    Happy Holidays ahead, dear friend.


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