Friday, November 27, 2020

A quick Amaryllis peek - and teatime!

I've been spending time today learning the new PicMonkey - confusing
 to say the least - but all work and no play makes Mary a dull, 
non-techie, old lady!
So here's a quick look at the amaryllis situation on the dining room

This photo is from last weekend. My five containers on the tray - the 
repotted bulbs from the past two years - are slowly coming along.
 All have a touch of green so must be alive! Saturday is watering day
 so tomorrow they will drink and hopefully have a growth spurt.

The large pot in front is the newly purchased bulb after potting a week ago.
 It was really leaning over when planted so I spent the week turning it
 around to get light on each side, and. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . as you can see above, today it's certainly straight and has
 its first bud showing a little color (it's pink and white) so is well on its
 way to blooming. Being a large new bulb, I'm hoping for several
 blooms first time around.

Hoping Thanksgiving was enjoyed by all despite many of us not being
 able to be with ones we love as in other years.

It's a beautiful late afternoon, sunny and 70F so right now I'm
 taking a break. Brewed a Thermos of hot Empress Grey tea - my 
favorite - and am taking my most loved one on a little surprise
 drive to view the sunset!
More on the location for afternoon tea, which I hope will be good, 
another time.

Have a good weekend.


  1. A friend gifted me a couple of amaryllis that re-emerged last winter, but then they died off and totally dried up so that was the end of that. Yours are looking lovely in their little pots. Are the images on them decoupaged or did you purchase them like that? I stopped using PicMonkey years ago -- can't remember if it was because they were folding or because usage was no longer free. Now I use BeFunky, only for collages. I never edit photos in any other way. Have a good weekend.

    1. PicMonkey never folded Tammy and there was the option of free and paid - I've always paid as you get more. Now Adobe Flash is folding in Dec. and any programs using that had to come up with a new way. The new version of PicMonkey is more like PhotoShop I think - and I'm going to struggle a bit, however it looks so much better and more advanced as I'm guessing they are targeting more commercial users. I'm just starting with the changeover and am managing the basic edits OK, however other things will take more time. . . . and more patience!!!
      Hope life is OK in Kuwait - stay well.

  2. Your new plant looks as if it is going to be gorgeous, growing rapidly and already showing a flower bud.
    What a lovely romantic gesture for your beloved, a hot flask of Empress Grey tea and a little surprise drive to view the sunsetX

    1. Our little jaunt was so enjoyable - I felt like Devonians who get in the car on Sunday afternoons, drive up on Dartmoor with the newspaper and flask of tea. . . . . . and sit
      there, often in the pelting rain, having a lovely rest and surrounded by nature!!! Those are childhood memories of course. . . .wonder if they still do it!

  3. good luck with the technology. I love amarylis, not having one this year as our new cat would eat it but I will love to see how yours progresses.

    1. I've heard that kitties try to eat them, not a good idea to try to grow one sadly!

  4. Replies
    1. Perhaps I'll have some Christmas blooms which would be great!

  5. Dear Mary,
    Don't worry about your older Amaryllis. They are going back to their regular blooming time. Your new bulb was "programmed" to bloom for the Holidays.

  6. Oh surprise drives are good. That amaryllis grew so much in a week. Guess it enjoys its daily turning.

  7. Dear Mary, those buds show great promise. Thanks for a peek at your beautiful home. Have a great day. Jo

  8. Lovely! Always so nice visiting your blog :)
    Have a great weekend, take care...

  9. Oh a drive to see the sunset! How nice! :)

  10. Your blooms are going to be beautiful!
    Earl Grey is my husband's favorite tea. Used to be mine, but I've lost my taste for hot black tea. I'm currently hooked on green jasmine.
    Enjoy that beautiful weather!

  11. Amaryllis are wonderful; I don't have one this year but used to have them in the past, always a gift from my Mum, and she has a large red one right now, it is really impressive. I am sure yours will look gorgeous, too!
    A sunset drive with a flask of tea sounds very nice.

  12. I love seeing your growing amaryllis. Each year you have the most beautiful ones.
    Hoping the surprise sunset drive was lovely, especially with tea. I have been thinking of doing just that and you have encouraged me to make it happen.


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