Saturday, August 4, 2018

Wet and wetter. . . . . . .

Here it is August and North Carolina appears to have a
 new season. . . . . . . . 'The Wet'. 

Don't remember another Summer such as this with so much rain late July into August.
Waking morning after morning to saturated gardens, pools of water, low and
 threatening grey skies, over the top humidity numbers, and not a ray of sunshine, 
is depressing. Certainly not what summertime is usually like here.
Most outdoor activities have been postponed, especially at the coast where
riptides and storms have curtailed beach visits.

 My garden is literally waterlogged!

Last time I was in 'The Wet' - and it was expected at that time of year - was when 
visiting Vietnam. Somehow rainy days were extraordinarily beautiful there, perhaps
 because the radiant colors of the ancient buildings came to life in the rain.

Me in Vietnam - sandals, plastic poncho and a large umbrella - I was set to go!

Hue, Vietnam 2011

Do you like rainy days?


  1. We have sunshine here today - all day so far. I imagine it might rain right around dinner time so we won't be able to dine al fresco. I love an occasional rainy day, but this has been crazy! It reminds me of May when we got 22 inches of rain here.

  2. I love rainy days. Not hard rain and hail like we get sometimes but nice soft rain....especially at night. But, at this point, we in Colorado would settle for just about anything.

  3. Some rainy days to keep it green. It was sooo dry in our area, but I'll admit that 5.4" in less than three days is a bit much.
    Farm Gal in VA

  4. We have exactly the opposite weather-wise, only three drizzles of rain over the past three months - I would really welcome rain. I find it quite alarming - very snowy winter, and now a very parched summer - whatever is going on?

  5. Right about now I would like a rainy day. Tooo much heat this summer. Plus the forest fires would be happy to have some rain to put them out.


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