Sunday, August 5, 2018

Michael - Scribble Picnic Host!

Even if you don't know Michael you will know of him if you follow me and look
 at my Scribble Picnic entries on Wednesdays.
Right now we're taking a summer break as our little art co-op needs a
 chance to stay cool, well except for artist member Serena who's cool enough
 down under enjoying Australia's Winter months! Hello Serena.

Michael and I have been virtual friends for many, many years thanks to blogging.
He, like me, is a British ex-pat, and he, like me, is always somewhat homesick for
our former lives as children and teenagers in England. 
We each have stories to tell as to how we ended up here in America, bits of which 
we've gleaned from blog posts and comments over the years.

Now, at long last, Michael and I are going to meet in person! Bob and I plan to 
catch up with him in Colorado next weekend before he moves to Kentucky 
where his adorable wife/talented artist Alexandra has already settled in.
Would have loved to meet her too, hopefully that will happen sometime
 down the road.

Scribble Picnic Collage 2017-18

Soon we'll be heading west to enjoy a change of scenery and, most important, 
to meet up with a very, very special blog friend in Utah, followed by our visit to 
Colorado to meet Michael. 
Stay tuned for more this coming week.

After that dreary, damp post of yesterday, I'm happy to share good weather news. 
This morning the sun is brilliant, Bob is mowing the lawn before it gets too hot. 
I just gathered a ton of fragrant basil and am making pesto. 
Picked a few figs yesterday, added to sweet red plums they made a lovely
Gateau de Mamy - here's a link to another version as I forgot to take a photo of 
the fig-plum one.
I then cooked down remaining figs and plums with a little sugar and water
and puréed into a fruit coulis, adding crème de cassis once cooled.
Must say, served drizzled over the cake with a dollop of whipped cream
it was delicious. . . . . . . . . .and ruined my diet!


  1. Have a great time Mary - I can guess who you are meeting up with in Utah - "G" is a special blog friend of mine too.

    1. Yes Rosemary, you won't require a guessing game for this travel destination! I can't wait to meet them - we are really excited about getting together at long last, something we talked about for many years is going to come true.

      Wish you could be there too - hugs, Mary (Sending you some rain drops)

  2. How fun that you are going to meet more blog friends. I really do hope you and Bob can head this way in the fall!

    1. Will definitely try to fit in a trip Penny, you know how I miss you!
      Mary x

  3. Oh Boy, the cat is out of the bag.

  4. I'm sure you will have a fabulous time catching up with Michael, Mary! How awesome that you two will finally meet in person after blogging for years. We are on the latter half of winter here although the days are quite balmy at the moment. A sure sign that winter is leaving us, all too soon.

    Wishing you safe and happy travels! xx

  5. Haha - laughing at Gina's comment! Hope you have a wonderful time with all of the friends you will meet. I always enjoy your Scribble Picnic posts. Your fig dishes sound mouthwatering. Our tree hasn't done very well this year; I've picked just a handful.
    Safe travels!

  6. I should have never read the end of this post. Figs and plums are almost ripe in my garden. And I am suppose to lose weight!
    Have a wonderful meetup with Bob.


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