Monday, August 13, 2018

Utah friends, Part I. . . . . . . .

Prior to posting about my fabulous visits to amazing blog friends over the past 
several days, I just wanted to share these lovely animals I met during the Utah
 part of our current trip. 

Above is no-name llama (actually he's #1,2 or 3 of the collective Three Amigos)
 who seemed to enjoy me tousling his beautiful fibre coat - below is Strawberry, 
the friendliest goat who apparently was ready to eat anything 
offered. . . . . . . including my hand!  
I learned a 'goat tip' many years ago after one snatched my granddaughter 
Jasmin's school paper and chewed it up as we watched speechless! 
They are always hungry it seems so don't pet them with your passport 
in your hand!

We are still in Colorado enjoying the very pleasant town of Fort Collins. 
Perfect, clear, comfortable weather, away from heavy smoke due to the
 wildfires we experienced on the way to the airport in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

I'll be sharing highlights of this special trip when I return later this week
and have faster Internet.


  1. Funny hairdo on the llama :-)
    Goats are not only always hungry (and will eat anything they can reach), I hear they are also very clever and know exactly how to "handle" their humans!

    1. . . . . . . . and yes, apparently are always ready for the next food offering Meike!
      I just stayed in 'paradise' for a few days - more to come on the visit to Gina!
      Mary x

  2. They both look a couple of great characters Mary - I'm looking forward to seeing the photos from your trip.

    1. Rosemary, I won't know how to begin regarding this wonderful trip to see blog friends who have become lifelong friends! Sharing these recent lovely days will take a lot of photo editing and storytelling in the days/weeks to come!

      BTW, I gave Michael your greeting - he's in the throes of moving from Colorado to Kentucky tomorrow, so is busy, but took time to spend with us and we had a great time together here in Fort Collins - he's a super, fun, smart, guy and still has his accent!!!

      We head back home tomorrow - catch up with you then. Were your ears burning? Gina and I talked about you and wished you were there in the kitchen with us!

      Hugs - Mary

  3. Dear Mary,
    The no name Llama actually has a name. He belongs to a group of three and their name, collectively, is "The Three Amigos".
    Looking forward to seeing more of your trip through your eyes.

    1. Of course, I forgot Gina, they are the Three Amigos - though whether # 1, 2 or 3 I'll never know, but they were handsome.
      I'm missing you -
      Mary x

  4. Dear Mary,
    Those llamas look like real characters. Glad you're having a great time. Enjoy the rest of your trip, and then arriving at home.

  5. What fun - and to have such nice clear weather. We are under smoke for weeks now from the BC fires - missed the meteor shower because of it, but at least we are not affected by the fires personally - I feel so bad for those suffering losses of any kind in the fires. I'm back to blogging now, after a month and a half off - hope to catch up on my favorites.


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