Sunday, August 26, 2018

Una bella casa. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . yes, a beautiful home.

During my visit to Gina's lovely home I asked if I might take some photos to share
 with you and she kindly allowed me to do so. I didn't want to appear rude so tried
 not to walk about with the camera ever at the ready. . . . . . after all we were there
 to enjoy Gina and Mr. G's company, not for a photoshoot! The photos I did take
 inside the house show their exquisite work, from the Palladio architectural details, 
gorgeous tiled floors, and the colorful paint finishes, to the amazing collection of 
Italian accessories from lighting and art to Gina's own painted ceramics.

No further narrative required - please just look and enjoy these photos
of this beautiful home.

I will be posting soon on the art lesson Gina gave me and can then show you
 what I painted. I was really excited about this part of the visit.
Here's the link to Gina's blog Art and Alfalfa


  1. Hi Mary :) Wow..Gina's home is just beautiful...I love those yellow hues!

  2. Wow to it all and especially that staircase.

  3. So lovely! I am glad that Gina allowed you to take photos of her beautiful home. All this and an art lesson, too! 🎨

  4. Gorgeous! The ceiling, I think tiles, is amazing! So happy you could share.

  5. As yellow is my favourite colour, the colours in this house appeal to me. But a vase of flowers on top of a pile of books? That would not work for me - I'd be afraid that somehow the books would get wet!
    It all looks elegant and homely at the same time.

  6. Thank you Mary for featuring my house again. You always know where to point your camera.
    I've had emails about the painted ceiling. The Putti in the ceiling are painted on large slabs of drywall. The edges are torn and the entire slab is aged with furniture stain. The idea was to have them look as if they were taken from an ancient fresco.

  7. Really, could it be any more stunning? What an amazing place to call home! :)


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