Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes. . . . . . . . .

 It's not a hard place for a rest when you have a bunch of soft friends
 to share it with during a storm!

I'm taking care of Ms. Nala next door again. She's being a sweetie and I get to 
cuddle twice a day. She's not happy with the nightly thunderstorms we've been
 having. . . . . .neither am I. Ever since the big oak tree in her yard was hit by
 lightning last year, she apparently looks for a place to hide when the booms
 and flashes start. 
This morning I found her here with her puppy friends, sweet!
How do your dogs and cats behave in electrical storms?


  1. We don't usually have thunderstorms like what you are talking about, but with fireworks Joey hides under our bed with all the "dust bunnies". Ha! You have had lots of storms and we have had lots of hot weather with smoke. I am looking forward to a bit of coolness and sprinkles.

  2. One of my weenie girls, Emmy, is terrified of thunder, fireworks and gunshots. I have some calming medicine that doesn't really work, a Thunder Vest too, but mainly she shakes and hides. I wish I had a soundproof room.

  3. Nala is so pretty! My old guy, Zippo is 19 and can't hear the storms anymore, so he's OK. Clementine is mostly OK with storms - sometimes hides under the bed if things get really loud. But then Monkey, he's a totally different story. He's such a scaredy-cat (no pun intended) that he jumps when people sneeze! Any loud clap of thunder and he's under the bed in a heartbeat.

  4. Aw, poor Nala. Most people think thunderstorms are hard on dogs forgetting that cats are affected too. When it's very loud mine run for cover; under the bed most times.

  5. Aaaw, sweet!
    Our old cat used to hide in the bathroom cabinet, behind a pile of towels. After that had happened for the first time by accident (someone had left the cabinet door ajar), we opened the cabinet for the cat on purpose when there was a thunderstorm or on New Year's Eve.

  6. Oh that is too too cute. Adorable.


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