Friday, August 24, 2018

A perfect late August morning. . . . . . . .

After all the rain, heat and humidity, last night was a lovely night.  
Turning the a/c off, sleeping with the windows open, feeling the temperature
 drop to the mid-fifties, and waking to a breeze. . . . . perfection!

 This morning, walking through the sparkling dewdrop grass in sandals felt good.
I went next door to feed Ms. Nala cat - doing this until Sunday when her person
 returns from vacation. Brushed her well, put her out in the sunroom where she
 happily watches birds and squirrels, and I will return early evening and take
 her in for the night.

I sat here on the front porch from 7:00 - 8:00 AM - watching the birds and
 squirrels active in the fig tree as I enjoyed my coffee - breathing in
real fresh air for a change.

 I found this newly hatched large moth or dragonfly (?) this morning - can anyone
 identify it please. Don't think it's a moth with those transparent wings. It's about 1.5" 
in length. 

Edited: Thanks Donna and Jane - this is of course a cicada,
 I'd forgotten those noisy creatures looked like this!

My hydrangeas were sad this Summer, very few blooms on any of the bushes.
Today I found this one which is usually blue but is now this color, pretty but I prefer blue.
Perhaps the pH of the soil has changed with so much rain - soil needs to be acidic 
with a pH of 5.5 or lower to keep the blooms blue. I may need to treat
the soil with Espona Organic Soil Acidifier which I missed doing this year.

The sunflowers from LIDL are still looking awesome. Today I need to
 change the water and add fresh greenery which will see them
  happily through the weekend.

Here's to a great weekend everyone - hoping you have lovely 
weather at your home.


  1. Cicada and they a so out outside right now, I can barely sit out on the porch. My dogs love to catch and eat them. Sunflowers are glorious. We have about a week left of hot weather then maybe fall will arrive.

  2. Your creature is a cicada, you can hear them singing during the summer, they make a loud, buzzing type noise. In Tennessee we call them jar flies.

  3. Of course dear ladies, many thanks - I'd forgotten they looked like that and of course here in the south they are so loud at this time year - especially when millions of them seem to sing in an evening chorus!
    Mary -

  4. Isn't this weather lovely? I sat out on our front porch this afternoon reading a new French decorating book.

  5. Your pictures are beautiful. Summer is most definitely winding down. I am ready for cooler nights and fewer mosquitos. Have a great weekend! Hugs!

  6. Your flowers are just wonderful. We have a blue hydrangea next to one that starts pink and turns purple. Haven't been able to figure that one out. I love all colors of hydrangeas. Your sunflowers are holding up well. Oh yes, a cicada! I don't think we have them, but I think their wings are pretty.

  7. Lovely! I used to have one of the "jardin" jars. Loved the detail on that piece, but ended up giving it to someone. Fun to see you have one, Mary.....Sarah

  8. You too have a lovely weekend, dear Mary! Those sunflowers are still fabulous. I want some now as well!

  9. Lindas imagens. Lindas flores. Bom fim-de-semana.


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