Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Around the kitchen table. . . . .

I've aways enjoyed sitting around casual kitchen tables of friends, sharing a mug of
coffee, a cup of tea, plus of course a natter and catch up of any news.

Here in Gina's comfortable kitchen in the farmhouse in Utah, it was even more special.
Besides chatting - we sent our men away to check out vintage tractors in the barn, 
plus a visit to Mr. G's friend who builds beautiful Windsor style chairs in their tiny
 farming community - we got out the paints, brushes and blank bisque tiles and
 I received an awesome art lesson in Italian Renaissance style ceramics painting.

Gina's painted kitchen cabinet and many of her colorful ceramic pieces.
Note the walls - Gina painted them and embedded straw for this special farmhouse look.

I was a little nervous. . . . actually a lot nervous!
Having worked in an administrative capacity in commercial art and advertising
 for several years, I've never considered myself an artist. I decided to paint
 something with figs and Gina, with much patience, showed me the steps.

My practice tile - manipulating and learning the brush strokes, shading, blending
 the colors.  When my fig tile was finished Gina kept it - the practice one also - to glaze
 and fire in her kiln. My finished tiles arrived a few days ago and I'm so thrilled with them.

I love how the colors have come alive and can see myself perhaps painting more
 if I can buy materials and find a kiln service in my area to fire the tiles.

This is a 6X6 inch tile - I'm using it as a coaster here in the gazebo. I love how it
 turned out and many thanks to Gina for taking time to give me such an enjoyable
 lesson. It certainly got my creative juices flowing after such a long hiatus.

Here's the link to Gina's Etsy shop where 
you will see more of her beautiful work. . . . 
. . . . . and that special kitchen table!


  1. You sure this was your first tile (after the practice one)? It looks as if you'd been doing this for a long time!

    1. No, this is my first time painting a ceramic tile! I just was so fortunate to have such a fabulous teacher - GINA!!!!!

  2. Mary...your tiles are exquisite! Gina is a wonderful artist, and I think you have a natural talent that may be something you didn't know.

    When we did the tiles for the backsplash in our kitchen, I found a company in Maine that did handprinted tiles. I simple gave them the size and make of the tiles and chose what I wanted to be painted from a beautiful collection. A total of 12 are scattered here and there in a pleasing pattern amongst the white tiles above my counters. Maybe someday I will post them.

    So happy you and Bob had such a great visit with your friends!

    Jane x

    1. Jane, we both miss you and A! Bob said we must come visit - then I can also see your backsplash, haha!
      Happy Autumn days ahead - just hope you continue to heal and are feeling good now X

  3. Your painting is great. It must open a new world.

  4. I loved this, Mary. Such a beautiful cupboard and how fun to paint with her.

  5. You did a wonderful job! How fun the lesson must have been!

  6. You must have had a ball visiting.

  7. You did a beautiful job, Mary! I checked out Gina's etsy shop...her work is stunning. How special to be able to visit with her and bring out the paints and tiles and get a lesson in painting them.

  8. Always wonderful getting our creative juices flowing! Great job. I think of you every time I use one of my tea stained tags ....

  9. Ohhhh! How fun is that! I would love sitting and painting tiles. Your tile is just lovely. How perfect, figs!! I hope you can find a nearby kiln to work with and do more.

  10. That kitchen cabinet, btw, is stunning too! Wow. I sooo love it.

  11. Wonderfully done art work here too, Mary. You can see your creative skills in full force. How fun.

  12. Dear Mary,
    I'm so pleased that several readers have noticed the red cabinet. It was an ugly brown and the price was right, $80. I painted it. I took the lower doors off to make it easier to paint. When I propped it up on an outside table to dry in the sun, my old rooster did a dance on it while it was still wet.


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