Wednesday, August 29, 2018

So hard to say "goodbye". . . . . . . . .

. . . . . so how about arrivederci, or just a good old plain cheerio!

Four days in paradise - such a fabulous time that even the kidney stone
is almost forgotten! The positive things about that unexpected episode were
 having kind friends who cared, and a nearby country hospital where ER service
was excellent and, after a few hours, I felt fine again and could return to the farm!

Those lovely days at Villa Vista were even more exhilarating and
 wonderful than expected.
Occasions such as this continue to make me realize just how great
 meeting blog friends can be. But for blogging our paths would never have
 crossed, and all those great times with special friends would never have
 happened in my life.

Above, me loving every moment on the farm.

We picked vegetables, we cooked, we ate both inside and al fresco, 
we painted, we toasted with champagne, we shared stories of life and travel, 
we met neighbors, we did a little sightseeing around town, we sat comfortably
 taking in such incredible views, we watched huge families of winged wonders,
 skid across the pond. . . . . 
. . . . oh yes, I did say we talked didn't I? In fact we never stopped!

All photos above taken at different times of day at the beautiful farm in the alfalfa field. 
As you can see, my time there was so special and I felt so very happy and peaceful
in this lovely place, surrounded by nature and with the most delightful hosts.
Be sure to visit Gina here at ART and ALFALFA to enjoy more stories, and 
her beautiful photos, from the farm.


  1. What a gift! Hope that you return one day...

    1. .......oh me too! I already am thinking about it and if Gina will have me I’ll be back😉

  2. Oh Mary, what a wonderful trip. I love that you met on blogs. Your pictures are gorgeous. I am now following her blog. Thank you for the heads up. This is my favorite things about blogging.

    1. So happy you are following Gina as you are a creative, artistic lady too!

  3. What a beautiful place and it sounds like beautiful people! I am so glad you had a wonderful time!

    1. We did Penny - it was a really wonderful visit with lovely people.

  4. And I thought you were going to say, Colorado, dear Mary! :)
    Yes, it really does look spectacular. You are amazing how you;ve connected with so many fellow bloggers around the world and this country. Impressive! Truly, you've take full advantage of all this platform has to offer.

    Looking forward to reading more, checking out her site and of course, STILL need to catch up with your last Intl trip. Now that I've been in KY a week, things will hopefully start to settle down to do so. Last weekend, Alex and I took a weekend away at a lovely cozy small AirBnb in Bardstown which happens to be "The Bourbon Capital of the World" with all its distilleries spotted around there. The old town was lovely. We had great fun walking around simply taking snaps for future Instagram photos. Now, if it's also "the Most Beatiful Small Town in America" as Rand McNally and Traveler magazines wrote up a while ago is up for debate...but definitely a place you and Bob would enjoy visiting. (hint/hint) :)

  5. Your photos capture the beauty of the farm area and the sky.

  6. What a very special adventure. The country looks beautiful around there too. And talking with more talking is the very best.

  7. I agree, Mary, what a paradise. I want to come visit....

  8. Hi Mary
    You should have left that fabulous hat behind.

    1. But Gina you have some awesome ones in your collection too!
      I actually have another the same as this one except it's a lighter, straw color - they are from the Wallaroo Company in Boulder, CO - sold all over though. Pack flat for travel and are hand washable in cold water, very lightweight and comfortable with an adjustable inside band.
      Mary -

    2. Dear Mary, I will see if I can find one. All those special features sound too good to be true. I especially like the hat because it is light weight and packs well for travel AND it looks great on.

  9. Stunning photos, Mary. So glad you had a wonderful time!


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