Saturday, August 18, 2018

Arriving in Utah. . . . . . . . .

Arrival in the peaceful Utah valley on a hot August afternoon.
The drive from the city through mountainous scenery was slightly hampered by smoke
from wildfires burning on the ridges. The fires continued during our stay, somewhat 
obliterating the beautiful mountains in the distance, however by our last day the air
was better - you will get to see the clearer landscape in posts to come.

The carriage house, our fabulous home away from home.

Welcomed by our friends with warm hugs and chilled champagne here in the
 sitting room, we immediately fell head over heels in love with this stunningly 
beautiful farm. Yes, this exquisite home is a farm. . . . . . . and, for me, a
 piece of paradise.

As the sun lowered over the distant mountains, the beautiful colors of the
 Italian architect Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) style house, and out buildings,
 positively glowed in the light.

Other residents of this beautiful farm also came to welcome us. . . . . . 

. . . . . . and in fact often showed up at an entryway looking for treats I think!

Looking across to the pond where this year's enormous gaggle of Canada geese
 visit daily. Can you blame them?

This magnificent sunset welcomed us to our first evening in Utah and, most
 importantly, to the fabulous home of a very special lady - and her most
 charming farmer, Mr. G - sweet Gina of the blog Art & Alfalfa.

I know some of you follow Gina and how all of you, like me, have been blown
 away over the years by the photos and stories she has shared from her home
 in the alfalfa field.  
Going to meet Gina and Mr. G has been a trip we've tried to do for a few
 years - this year it came true. It was certainly worth waiting for.
I have a lot to share with you, and thank Gina for giving me permission to share
 some photos I took of her home. I know you will enjoy seeing this piece of paradise
 in a quiet Utah valley.

Clyde and Lola - the resident white geese - basking in the warm
light of sunset at the pond.

I have so much to share with you from the days on the farm.
The warm welcome and ongoing caring attention of Gina and Mr. G were
 just unbelievable. From the moment of arrival I knew it was going to 
be very hard to leave. . . . . . . it was, and every day was fun and full of
amazing happenings!

Gina's flowers from the garden - we all know about her 'green thumb' and love to
see the colorful floral bouquets she gathers here on her blog Art & Alfalfa.
Mr. G. gave me a great tip - add a spray of dill to the vase, it will keep the 
water fresh.

Come back later to read more about our very special visit.


  1. I don't think I would ever want to leave such a beautiful place!

    1. Me too Barbara - I had to tear myself away to get into the car and leave it all behind, especially G & G who were so kind and caring toward us.

  2. What warm and welcoming friends and what a beautiful home they have created. Marvelous!

  3. What an exquisitely beautiful place, Mary. I am sure you were enchanted by it all, and who would not love such an elegant living room. The bird life is lovely, and the flowers and the view :)

    1. No cardinals spotted Patricia, but at least 120 Canada geese, the two resident white geese, a few ducks, and a large red-tailed hawk checking out the pond life! What a fabulous home, and the loveliest people ever.

  4. Dear Mary - I thought that you would capture some stunning images from Gina and Mr. G's exquisite home and garden, and you truly have. I especially love the photo of the beautiful sitting room, and the way you have captured the brilliant colours of Gina's wonderful flowers - they positively jump out of the computer on this post.

    1. A lot more to share Rosemary - and yes Gina was out tending those gorgeous flowers as soon as the sun came up!

  5. I know nearly nothing about Utah but that house and the living room - to die for.

  6. Replies
    1. Words can't really explain Melanie!
      I loved every moment with Gina.

  7. Wow! Stunning! Lucky you! The home is just beautiful! I can't even imagine in Utah of all places.

    1. Utah is a lovely state Marilyn - and the people special.

  8. It is the most un-farmlike farm I have ever seen - looks like a truly enchanted place, with sleeping beauty resting somewhere in the cool rooms of the house!

  9. What a beautiful home and farm! I have never visited her blog and now I must!

    1. Oh Penny you would love Gina's property - like you & K, she and Mr. G. built their gorgeous home, doing much of the work themselves! Gina did all the stunning interior paint finishes, tiled floors, walls, backsplashes etc. I have more photos to share but you can look back on Gina's beautiful blog and find many posts over the years showing exactly the work they did. Such a lovely, and very special couple, we certainly felt blessed being their guests.

      Hope all is well in the NC mountains. We are having terrible storms here at night, quite scary. Another one on the way today too! This has been a terrible summer - or perhaps a non-summer!
      Mary x

  10. Dear Mary, You have the photographer's eye. You might have to come back for another visit. Grapes are ripe, vegetables are ready for picking, apples, plums and pears are weighing down the trees and as you know, champagne is always on ice.

    1. . . . . . .but the photographer also needs beautiful subjects and I found them with you dear.
      The fruit trees were abundant, so glad you are now picking. . . . oh how I wish for plums and pears. Don't forget the French cake recipe I shared is fabulous for your fruits Gina, one or even combinations, and cake with fresh fruit has to be healthy!
      Mary x

  11. What a magnificent home in a truly gorgeous setting. A lot of superlatives there, but I think you'd concur. Gina is such a talented artist with her ceramics, her flowers and so much more. How wonderful that you were able to visit her.
    Smoke is obscuring our skies these days, too. Today is the worst and it's recommended that we all stay indoors as the particulate matter is quite high. We need rain desperately.

    1. Sorry you have smokey conditions too - blowing some of this rain your way dear!
      Words just don't seem enough to describe the visit to G&G - I already want to go back!

  12. Their home is utterly stunning! WOW!!! Love it.


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