Monday, January 16, 2012

Antiquing at the Vintage Village............................

A special hello to the sisters, Debbie and Susan, the Two Old Birds who run this cute antiques shop of the same name at the Vintage Village here in Raleigh.

Unfortunately Debbie was home fighting bronchitis - get well soon dear - but Susan and her DH were minding the shop, which is looking amazing. How about that fabulous long French footstool, love that piece!
Anyway, yesterday afternoon I threw on warm clothes, leggings, a snug scarf, fingerless cashmere gloves so I could snap pics for you, riding boots, mounted my trusty steed, plopped into the preheated seat of the Avalon (love that feature on these chilly days), and galloped drove on over to SuzAnna's Antiques to check out all I've been missing after several weeks absence.

First a stop at Vignette which is expanding constantly and full of quaint treasures thanks to Gail, Laurie and two new dealers.  I checked out the hats, definitely for warmer weather - vintage versions of the trendy 'fascinators' being worn to weddings since William & Kate tied the knot last year........

.........then moved on to SuzAnna's Antiques.  This vintage steamer trunk from the days of smaller ships 'crossing the pond' (not 13 story cruise ships acting like floating cities - and yes, I will actually be on one very soon, and am hoping it doesn't tip over!), was made by Hartman in the style of the famous Louis Vuitton trunks. It is awesome, especially the beautiful fabric pocket with the art deco pattern woven into it. If only one could travel like that today instead of chucking it all into a utilitarian duffel bag to conform to airline rules. This would be eye-catching in a studio for storing art and scrap booking supplies, wrapping paper, fabrics etc.  

These very unusual and delightful paper lanterns caught my eye. I have the two narrower ones on hold as I think they will take the place of my two sad looking faded stars in the gazebo come Spring.

If you're in the vicinity, hurry on over to SuzAnna's Antiquesand the other charming Vintage Village shops - everything vintage and tons of antiques too.......and, if you go today, you can wish Susie of SuzAnna's a very happy birthday which is what I'm doing right now......"HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Susie, and many, many more".

Edited:  Yeah, think my comment thingy is back with this post......and along with it a whole new way to blog!  I didn't request it but guess Google is now thinking for me!  


  1. I always enjoy browsing Suzanna's with you, such a treat.
    blogger has been playing up these last few days, leaving a comment has become a trial! What's going on?

  2. Oh, just a glimpse of the front of the shop alone makes me drool! Much less all the pretties and goodies inside.

  3. Hello Mary :o)
    I'd love to visit Suzanna's with you, it looks such an amazing place.
    Rose H

  4. You are always so sweet Miss Mary! So glad you are home safe!

  5. Those lanterns? Ooohing and aaaahing happening here. And as for a pre-heated seat...well, that's just a must.

  6. I would love to visit those vintage shops, one of those paper lanterns would certainly come home with me.
    Keep warm

  7. Greta collection of photos of this lovely old wares shop. I like the self-portrait shot!

  8. Mary, it's always a treat to tag along with you. Love seeing the vintage goodies, especially that trunk. What a fabulous piece! Love the lanterns too. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  9. I love the trunk! I too would love to travel in one of the great ships!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. I'm glad you have your blog comments back. Hopefully this one coming from sunny Los Angeles will reach your inbox. Thanks for the lift to the airport this early AM. See you at the end of the week. By the way, I think the lanterns would look great in the gazebo too.

    Your DH,


  11. I would love to have a chance to visit such a great place! There's absolutely nothing like that on the Island.

  12. The steamer trunk is fabulous - how marvellous it must have been to travel on the old style liners like the Normandie and the Queen Mary with a stack of Louis Vuitton luggage - First Class of course:)

  13. Thanks for reminding this old bird that she needs to get out and about and explore. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Love the gloves.

  14. Ooh, lots of eye candy. I would love to get out and shop one day.

  15. My eye immediately went to that long footstool, lovely! Love the steamer trunk too. In the distance I saw a mannequin, which I would love. Oh I must visit here if I ever come to your part of the country.

  16. Dearest Mary, I miss spending time antiquing with you. I made it back safely, and I look forward to seeing you dear. After all these months, we'll have so much to catch up! Love ya! xoxo

  17. There is always something interesting to see at the shop!


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