Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bangkok.....Royal Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew

Wandering through the Royal Grand Palace, with sunlight gleaming on the golden turrets and spires, it was hard not to take photos continuously.  Every building was so exquisite - additions, renovations and restorations have resulted in the incorporation of more than two centuries of craftsmanship and artistic ingenuity, all reflecting Thai cultural identity.

Several historic buildings were pointed out to us including the Coronation Hall. Funeral Hall, the Royal Guesthouse, and the house where Anna Leonowens lived whilst teaching the many offspring of the King of Siam.  (Didn't you just love Yul Brynner in that movie role - think I must watch it again soon!).

I found these huge statues very interesting, especially loved the details on the shoes.

Speaking of details, not only on shoes, every surface was covered in amazing artwork......

..............porcelain, broken china, paint, tiles, metal, stone, and of course many surfaces covered in gold leaf.

The main chapel houses the most revered religious icon in Thailand, the Emerald Buddha - actually made of jade - and it is cloaked, by the King, in seasonal costumes of woven gold and precious stones.

A peek through the crowds toward the Emerald Buddha cloaked in gold............

.............with my 'gift' of beautiful pink lotus blossoms I folded earlier in the morning. (Paula there snapping away!).

This was the most awesome was difficult to tear oneself away from so much beauty and artistry, and the feeling was one of great peace despite so much color........I would love to return some day and spend more time here.


  1. It looks like something out of a fairy tale or dream. "This is real?" - kept going through my head. So was there incense or an exotic frangrance going on? How did you sleep after visiting this beautiful place?

  2. It's 'other-worldly' isn't it?
    What a wonderful experience for you - a dream, really. The colours are amazing - I'd love to see it all!

  3. Beautiful photos Mary. Everything is so elaborate. Have a great weekend.

  4. Mary, your photos are amazing!! Still waiting to hear details of that trip and enjoy catching up with my friend!! I've missed you....Jeannette

  5. Your photos are exquisite! Oh the memories of visiting here. Your day looks more pleasant. It was soooooo hot the day we were there it made it difficult to enjoy much. But the beauty does just surround you.

  6. What a fabulous place! Now this I would love to see.

  7. Can you believe the time it must taken to build such beautiful buildings?


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