Monday, January 9, 2012

Flight plans........................

I really dislike driving in the morning rush hour.  Also in the rain......and of course in the dark.
This morning I've done all three, taking DH to the airport for his early flight to Dallas. With the heavy traffic and sloshy road conditions, the round trip took longer than usual. Twenty minutes of glaring headlights or red brake lights on the highway to get to the airport. But, as we sneaked a quick goodbye kiss in front of the terminal, and I called out "safe journey", I was already planning a better way home!  
As I exited the airport, glancing carefully at the many painted tails lined up in the early morning rain, I recalled these............... 

These planes were not parked at our airport this morning, but I did fly them in Vietnam last month. In all honesty, it was a scream, and we still laugh when talking about it!

Because Paula and I were the only Business Class passengers on the two flights we took, on landing, a bus was dispatched to take us to the terminal....a very short ride. The flight attendant actually stood with outstretched arms in front of the coach section dividing curtain so passengers could not pass through into Business and try to hop on 'our bus'. Another one was sent for them of course.  Meanwhile we felt really stupid sitting on the bus, hugging our carry-ons thinking other passengers would need the seats, and then leaving on the empty but for us bus.  As this happened twice we realized it was an upgrade perk, along with the hot meal nicely served by polite, smiling attendants - all on a one hour flight!
Come on US carriers - you definitely need to take a page, in fact several pages, out of Asian carriers' books!
 Our empty Business Class cabin - a bit lonely!

This morning's rain was manageable and I took the slow way home with less traffic and more stop lights.  Driving this early in the rain makes one aware of things which go unnoticed later in the day. Things gleam and glow - street lights reflected on watery tennis courts nestled among apartment complexes, children garbed in shiny yellow slickers wait patiently at the school bus stops, dripping dogs sniffing wet grass as their hooded people hustle them along the sidewalks.  Just as it became light, I noticed remnants of the Holidays in yards, bedraggled garlands, dripping icicle lights, wreaths with red bows, even a few blow up snowmen - guess those homes are hoping for the real thing before this Winter leaves.

 Beautiful Vietnam countryside - water everywhere, especially in the rice fields.

I thought more about our last day in Vietnam and the road trip from Hue south to Hoi An. Several hours drive through rain, then heavy fog as we crossed the Hai Van Pass. We were given the option of the faster tunnel through the mountain. Of course we chose the alternate route with the promise of excitement and photo ops by going over the mountains. The road was poor compared to our standards, in fact quite scary in sections where roadworks were underway in very muddy conditions, and there were broken or no barriers on the drop off side of the mountain!

Along the coast toward Da Nang, still in heavy rain, we passed My Khe, known as China Beach in the gritty American TV series about a US military evacuation hospital during the Vietnam War. I loved Dana Delany in that series - she won two Emmy awards for that show.

Funny how the weather can make one see things differently, bring back memories.............even make one want to just get home and get on with all those things waiting to be done on a rainy day!

What's on your to do list this wet (well it is here) Monday?


  1. Heading into Monday evening now with chores such as cleaning & laundry behind me. I did a little excercise. read a couple of chapters of my latest book, walked the dog.
    All the usual Monday "stuff".
    Really enjoyed hearing and seeing some more about your Vietnam trip, I'm seeing the world through your eyes, come rain or shine.

  2. The world is very small. I got up in the dark this morning and took my DH to DFW and as I started typing this a got a text message that he has just landed - east of here. Enjoy your time at home.

  3. It's such a nice day here, again, iI can get use to this. It feels like Spring, so I am cleaning my kitchen cupboards, and the inside windows and also washed the curtians.
    Loved looking at your photo's, I have similar water photo's from China.

  4. I loved China Beach and Dana too...she is in Body of Proof now and I love that show too.

    Today, I was going to go to my booth, hang some art and take pictures, but I needed to run errands first. So I decided to get the errands done and go to the booth tomorrow. We are suppose to have some sun tomorrow. Better driving weather.

  5. I hate driving in heavy rain but don't mind heavy traffic. What I don't do these days is drive in the dark apart from locally as I simply can't see in the glare of headlights coming at me.
    Loved the vision of access to your personal private bus being guarded by the flight attendent:)
    My to do list today consisted of one thing - catch up on weeks of commenting that I haven't been doing. I'm there now and shall try to keep pace from now on.

  6. Heavy traffic is no fun, and especially so in the rain. Glad you are safely home. I think you need to join DH on his next trip to Dallas. You know it's just up the road. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  7. Lovely post Mary!

    No rain here in No. CA. We need it, but I am enjoying the 60 deg. weather as long as it's here. :)

  8. A case of really getting what you paid for!
    That plane looks rather wonderful.



  9. I always wished to visit Vietnam – I don’t know if I ever will. I did go to Bangkok twice but at the time I only had my film camera – your pictures are outstanding.

  10. It is Wednesday here now and soon I will go read with the children at the elementary school nearby. No rain, so I will walk.

    Your pictures and stories are so very special. I love hearing each and everyone, even in the rain. Loved Dana Delaney in China Beach.

  11. Airlines used to offer great service, but sadly a lot of that is gone. Hope you are enjoying warm Hawaii!


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