Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bangkok, 'City of Angels, River of Kings'..........

On day two in busy Bangkok, our delightful guide, Ms. Tuk, headed through the narrow streets of Chinatown to the colorful fresh flower market. Paula and I followed with mouths open and cameras clicking as we stopped to watch ladies of all ages creating gorgeous floral gifts for presentation at the Buddhist temples.

 Garlands of Jasmine and roses were strongly perfumed and so pretty.................

......and of course the lotus blossoms, tightly budded until the petals are folded back....... make these popular religious offerings.

We first visited Wat Po, a Buddhist temple dating from the 16th Century.  It was an initiation into what was to become an experience like no other.  The amazing craftsmanship discovered in these beautiful buildings was unbelievable, and the perfect sunny day made taking pics a of course I took hundreds!

Considered Siam's first 'university', the temple's school of traditional massage attracts students from all over the world.

Also found here is the huge Reclining Buddha - 46 meters in length and 15 meters high......... 

.............with beautiful inlaid mother of pearl soles.

Every time I turned a corner, or peeked through a doorway, there was something stunningly beautiful to capture....the work of dedicated artisans over the centuries is continued today because these temples and their contents require constant renovation.

We continued to the Royal Grand Palace compound and Wat Phra Kaew, a royal temple built by King Rama I and dating to the early origins of the capital in 1782.  'Polite dress' was required today to enter Buddhist chapel buildings, and shoes were always removed.

.............soon I'll share more pics of the beautiful palace where English schoolteacher, Anna Leonowens, lived and worked, as depicted in the much-loved stage play and movie(s) The King and I.


  1. How absolutely beautiful! You must have been on sensory overload while there.

  2. What a visual treat your tour was today.
    The lotus blossoms are stunning.
    When we stayed at the Amandari in Ubud many years ago I always enjoyed seeing the fresh floral offerings that the ladies from the village made.
    They brought fresh ones in several times a day and left them at small shrines dotted around the gardens and villas.

  3. I emailed you but it was returned...

    I was thrilled to hear from you!

    You must have so many stories to share. You are writing on each and every day of your life, creating a journal that will amaze those to come in your family. I am truly in awe of you expeditions and travels.

    When you get a free day, I would love to meet you for lunch or some junkin'. Just give me a call and if I'm free, I'll be there.

    My best to you and Bob!

  4. Mary, I have loved perusing each of your posts about your trips. I believe I mentioned earlier that I have been fascinated by Thailand since I was in elementary school.

    I know you must be so glad to be home.

  5. Mary, I'm so behind on visiting that I'd missed all these amazing posts. Love seeing photos of your adventure! My favorite shots are the ones with the elephants. Riding an elephant doesn't look easy, but it looks like you and Paula were have a great time. Thanks for taking us along. ~ sarah

  6. We didn't make it to the flower market, but did see these other sights in May. Just beautiful! Wish we had your tour guide. I hadn't thought about Anna being there from the King and I. Did you get taken to the jewelry stores?

  7. Nice "treads" on those soles...and the lotus blossom clusters are so exotic and beautiful to my eyes.

  8. I just can't get over all the detail on those soles! And the flowers....beautiful!

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