Sunday, January 29, 2012

Down's not all surfing!

Today I'm concentrating on a very special place in Australia.

After disembarking the Orion in Tasmania, enjoying 
charming Hobart, then seeing the sights of Sydney, 
Paula and I flew to Brisbane in Queensland.  

First adventure took us inland where we were invited to stay in the country with Paula's charming and hospitable friends, Michelle and Mark. It was there I actually got to see the rainforest. I'm embarrassed to admit, I didn't recall this type of landscape even being an option on this dry continent. I was usually at the top of my class in Geography decades ago, I loved learning about other countries, and it was taught as a very important single subject in English schools back then. It's so sad that now many young students don't even know where countries are, let alone their indigenous flora and fauna.

Michelle and Mark have the most spectacular acreage tucked up against Queensland's Springbrook National Park in the sub-tropical rainforest, beneath the breathtaking rim of the Springbrook Plateau. Water is supplied by their own waterfall...........

 ............and at their pond we enjoyed visiting 
with ducks, geese, and the young Belted Galloways 
added recently to 'mow the grass'.

I awoke early morning to a distant crowing rooster and 
the most spectacular views from my window.

A light rain during the night had rinsed the grass and flowers making them sparkle clean and bright at dawn. Hydrangeas and agapanthus - my absolute favorite garden blues.

The wildlife was............well WILD! 

How about peering out the bedroom window at 5:30 AM and viewing mating Pademelons. Anyone even hear of Pademelons before? They were certainly new to me and are timid smaller members of the kangaroo family. When Mr.P noticed my camera poking through the window blinds, he was soon hopping away across the meadow while Mrs.P was left looking quite surprised.

Birds were everywhere, vocal ones such as Kookaburras 'laughing' far off in the trees.......and magpies sharing breakfast on the deck.

I love the morning visits to my own feeders at home by our colorful small red cardinals and occasional bluebirds.... 

.........but brilliantly hued wild parrots at your garden feeders are quite different. Seemingly merry birds, and quite well behaved, it was delightful to watch them as free-flying garden birds rather than caged pets.

The huge tropical tree ferns and palms were stunning.

Michelle and Mark have made beautiful gardens around their property, adding their artistic touches to stunning natural beauty which is visible everywhere.

I truly believe I could sit in this beautiful place looking across to the distant mountains forever!
Thank you Michelle and Mark for sharing your beautiful home, 
I'll never forget it. 
Isn't he gorgeous?

 Reflection in Michelle and Mark's riverbed.

Next time....caves, glow worms, creepy crawlies, before leaving for the coast.


  1. Once again I'm in awe. Your photography is STUNNING Mary. I have never had a wunderlust, but reading and seeing all the amazing sights that you share with us make me think what I've been missing all these years. A sincere thank you for allowing us to share them with you.
    Rose H

  2. parrots on a birdfeeder?? magic!! and that nature surrounding the lovely house. how wonderful to be able to live in a place like that. you are so lucky Mary to be able to see places like that.

    we had to learn that tree ferns name in latin, in finland people use them as a indoor plant. it looks gorgeus on that tree trunk, otherwise i did not liked in my class room, stuffed in a little pot.

  3. Do Mark and Michelle often bed and breakfast?

    What a truly magical place to stay Mary!

    Love the photos, going to dig out my Australian bird book to ID them. I think 1 might be a Crimson Rosella but I'm not sure.

    I know I'm mad I have bird books for places I haven't even been to YET!

    Thanks for sharing. Your posts are a tonic!

    Sft x

  4. Spectacular Mary. I think I could quite happily wake up to that each day!

  5. Just gorgeous. I can see why you would not want to leave this beautiful spot. The birds are amazing. Love the garden blues, my favorites too. Even Mr and Mrs P were delightful to see. I could sit here all day with you too.

  6. Those birds were stunningly beautiful as well as the lovely gardens and distant views.

    What a lovely place. I am so enjoying vacationing with you Mary...

  7. Be still my heart! Your photographs are exceptional and truly stunning! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Trying hard to keep up with all your travels. Prose and photos are superb Mary. I never knew you were so talented when we were at school discussing boys or clothes or music or boys .............
    Love U

  9. What a truly gorgeous piece of earth. Your photography captures it all so beautifully - those birds, the "wild" pademelons, the flowers, and the view.

    Reading about the Kookaburras reminded me of an old camp song "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree..."

  10. Mary, your photos are superb! I had to laugh at the 'mating' being done outside your window! And the parrots! My goodness, what beautify everywhere!


  11. Your photos in this post are so beautiful, Mary! The brilliance of the parrots is amazing! I so enjoyed this part of your trip!


  12. Amazing photos, Mary.

    I remember taking geography in school. Making maps and studying all parts of the earth. To this day I can close my eyes and place most countries. Of course I can place all the states. I loved geography then and still do.

  13. "....laugh Kookaburra, laugh Kookaburra, gay your life must be hahaha!'
    That will be stuck in my head for the rest of the evening! Such a beautiful post - you were so fortunate to have a time in such a lovely place.

  14. Oh my goodness, what a view to wake up to every morning! Such a beautiful area, and what wonderful friends to share it with!
    Take Care,

  15. Lovely pictures, Mary. I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip DownUnder back in 2011. We often visit the Lamington National Park region which sits more inland of Springbook National Park. We mostly refer to the Pademelons as wallabies in this area. I adore the bird pics...don't you just love the kookaburra laugh? hehe

    What a beautiful place!

    Thanks for posting the links in my recent blog post...I'm off to check out your other link now. :)


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