Saturday, January 14, 2012

The beauty of Thai Celadon...................

Arriving at Baan Celadon in Chiang Mai, Thailand you are immediately surrounded by the most amazing shade of at the entrance it's visible in the outdoor display of large pots and the tile pathways.....

..........even the plants share in the gentle color, and these brown dragonflies were certainly a new species to me.

Although this is called a factory, it seemed more like a quiet and peaceful studio where artists were creating beautiful pieces of stoneware.

Artist carving the delicate design into the stoneware 

Celadon is a high-fired stoneware with a wood ash glaze, handmade by a traditional process to resemble opaque jade.  Jade is a natural, very strong stone, said to bring the owner good luck and success. Celadon is thick and strong but also delicately crackled under its glaze, and this creates its unique beauty and value.

The artists used extra fine brushes to add color to the designs on the pieces.

Practical items made for daily use include cups and saucers, bowls, plates and trays.

This elephant is decorated in the ancient Thai tradition. Local crafts people are self-taught, or learn their skills through informal education passed down by their families....

.....and after the final firing it will take on the beautiful shade of celadon green, with the vibrant colors of the hand painted decoration, such as in this large completed elephant statue.

Another unique and very beautiful Thai traditional craft. I could have spent much longer here.......but of course would have really needed yet another suitcase.......and yards of bubble wrap!


  1. Mary, thank you so much for this post. I've always loved celadon green. Seeing the process used by these artisans is fascinating. I can't imagine using such a tiny brush and creating such intricate detail!


  2. Fascinating, I didn't know what celadon was apart from a particular shade of green.
    I love the way pottery and stoneware are transformed by the glazing and firing processes.
    bon weekend!

  3. That was all new to me. The green is so beautiful, and I enjoyed learning about the process of creation of these lovely pieces.

  4. How beautiful! I love the tiles in the second picture. How skilled those artists are, with their tiny brushes.

  5. I also love visiting artisans when I travel. Did you buy anything? That green is just beautiful, I would have found it hard to resist.

    Mr Sft is fascinated by dragonflies and thought your photo was just beautiful, how talented you are.

    Sft x

  6. Oh, I've always loved anything in celadon green. And that garden bench -- I'd have tried to take that home, too. Just beautiful.

  7. The pictures you've taken of these remarkable works are beautiful. I think, though, my favourite has to be nature's own masterpiece, that amazing and unusual (to my eyes) dragonfly!

  8. We didn't visit here, but visited a tea shop that sold a lot of celadon. I did come home with 10 celadon soup spoons, which I love and used at Christmas time. That elephant is gorgeous. If I went back I would have to go here.

  9. Miss Mary;

    I read with pleasure your editorial.

    Documentary-type fonts and images. Thank you ...

  10. The patience it must take to do all of that work. I love the first picture too, and what a different looking dragonfly!
    Take Care,


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