Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A few days in paradise...........

Staying at The Four Seasons Resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand was like taking a trip to paradise........well what I think paradise must be like!  
Exquisite flowers, some tropical, some country garden.  Orchids growing from tree trunks, banks of pink cleome, bougainvillea gracing our outdoor sala.
Monumental trees such as coconut and traveler palms, even a pretty tree resembling Chinese hats!
Stately and often whimsical statuary at every twist and turn along each winding pathway. 

Join me here for a saunter through the gardens of the resort................I think you'll agree they are truly lovely.
This was our first morning and we had a little rain shower........I believe it was to wash everything to make it sparkly for our visit.  Of course we had do a little  shopping until it stopped!  Our suite and outdoor sala is in the background to the right of me.

Our sala - the outdoor room where we were served breakfast each morning - overlooking the rice fields and lake.

The breathtaking 'elephant walls'(see them between the umbrellas above) around the resort entrance.  Each small opening in the bricks contained a brass bell.

The lamplighter filling the oil lamps ready for beautiful evenings.

Evening view across the fields from our suite toward the restaurants and pools.
Perhaps the most awesome occurrence at The Four Seasons was when the landscapers and rice field farmers - it is a working farm of sorts - finished their long day of weeding, pruning, tending to Nature.......and, during our stay, building the large bamboo floating platform to hold a giant Christmas tree for the holiday season.

Just before sunset, tinkling bells and muted drumbeats could be heard, gently, pleasantly disturbing the silence and peacefulness which pervades the gardens and fields.......  
......and the procession, clothed in their traditional work attire in hues of deep ink, brilliant cobalt, and faded blues, crossed the watery fields on their way home to simple music so sweet to the ear.

Such a special and lovely way to complete the day of hard paradise no less.
Meanwhile, Paula and I enjoyed an aperitif at the pool bar, quietly conversing with the only other person around, the young Thai bartender. He has worked there a few years, is a local from Chiang Mai, and doesn't want to move on. Who would? Can't imagine living and working anywhere more perfect.....................

...........than paradise.

What was I wearing in paradise that wet morning?

  • Grey linen rolled jeans - Marks & Spencer, UK
  • J.Jill old and comfy grey tee
  • J.Jill linen blend pullover
  • Baggellini handy across-the-body bag
  • Puma extra lightweight running shoes - altho' I don't run - these are the most amazing non-clunky looking travel/walking shoes, and so comfy. You should get a pair and soon!
  • Brighton bead necklace - perfect travel jewelry 


  1. What a wonderful place, and such lovely photographs thank you for sharing them. I love to go 'on a journey' with you vis your camera.

  2. How beautiful. It does look like I would picture paradise. I love J Jill clothes. You look wonderful in that picture!

  3. Oh my gosh! You're right, it does look like paradise. The elephant wall is amazing. But, then, every view is more lovely than the previous one!

  4. Gorgeous scenery and what an amazing resort, loved evry minute of my stroll around the gardens with you.
    Appreciate the wardrobe info too,you really pull off that smart/casual look!
    I'll be checking out those shoes, they look perfect for our upcoming Italian trip.

  5. These are such gorgeous photos! What a paradise, indeed. I'd never want to leave.


  6. Mary these photos are stunning! I can't imagine ever visiting or staying in such a place and I thank you for sharing your trip with us. Beautiful!

  7. Oh, beautiful! This is nothing like where we stayed, but then we were bargain traveling. That does look like paradise. Nice outfit too. Love, love J.Jill. My shoes are Nike, of course, since I am a former/retired employee.

  8. What gorgeous and rich photos! So amazing to see other countries like this.

  9. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful place. And the red parasols!! So funny to see cleome in the gardens, as I'd never thought of it as Asian.

  10. Stunning pictures Mary.... Paradise indeed! Like looking through a copy of the National Geographical magazine.
    Marion - Wales UK

  11. Thank you for continueing to share in showing all of us these wonderful trips you two take. You are so blessed to be such good friends. You're very lucky! I thank you for being my friend. Love ya!

  12. I never knew it was so beautiful. I love those pink cleomes! Must make a note to purchase some seeds, lol!

  13. Thailand is a very historical place and full of paradise. People go there because they want to see paradise in their own eye and Thailand is the mini Eden land. The pictures that you share in this article are very good and beautiful.


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