Friday, January 13, 2012

How do you do it? Kitchen organization that is..........

How do YOU get rid of stuff that's cluttering up your home, your life........your kitchen?

You know, all those plastic leftover containers lurking in the nether regions of the lower kitchen cabinets.......when these days you try not to cook such huge pots of sauce, stew, chili etc. that they then require ladling into plastic boxes and are left to lurk in their next home, the rear of the freezer. Just how many teeny tiny containers of my homemade pesto are back there too?  I noticed the date 2009 on one - come on now that is ridiculous! I need to defrost those Italian babies and make a nice linguine with pesto and freshly grated parmigiana reggiano, FAST!
Whoever needs 500 plastic spoons, forks and knives; a zillion straws; 50 packets of wet wipes; plastic sandwich bags of numerous dimensions; and three jumbo packs of brown bags....................when you no longer have kids/grandkids in the house packing school lunches, and you are not into, or don't have the time for, artsy crafting projects, OR have plans to go picnicking with a loved one every day for the rest of your life!  Whew, pardon the lengthy sentence, I got carried away by my stuff!

So here I am, cleaning out 'hell's kitchen' on a dreary day, and yes you do see the iMac on the kitchen table - my DH's peripheral office. Now that's a whole other story about stuff that I won't even go to in this post. Let's just say it irks me big time and is a bone of contention between us. Bob dearest, I know you'll hate me when you read this!!!!!

I refuse to share the really nasty pictures - piles of accumulated stuff from the lower cabinets, outdated jars and boxes from the upper. The above items (note the neat labels I made some years back when I apparently had free time), were stored on top of the 'frig, in a vintage metal basket which looked quite lovely, however that's a really stupid place to store anything edible - it gets really warm up there. Rancid pecans are not tasty, expensive yes, but these have to be tossed! Why do I buy so much stuff for two people? I must think we are still in our twenties and raising a family instead of in our golden years and constantly trying to knock off a few pounds! Or perhaps I stockpile in fear of a nuclear attack, or Trader Joe's going out of business next week, the first option being more likely!

It certainly doesn't help that the builder of this compact cottage actually forgot to add the pantry. He must not have been a chef, or even a cook, or he would have realized there was not a lot of space in those '80's cabinets to store much of anything. 
Getting there, but should I add those organizers for the wraps and bags?  They seem to take up a lot space.

Still more to go through so another dreary day will be welcomed to encourage me to stay home without makeup, jewelry, and bed hair.........the bowls, platters, and casserole dishes were a piece of cake - give away half of them, then ask to be bound, gagged and tied to a chair when a trip to Homegoods is mentioned by your shopping friends. The pots and pans will be more difficult - they look so nice in their shiny sets. OMG, hear that, 'sets'. However many sets does one require to cook for two.........not even one if you eat out, and sometimes drag the family along with you!  My cooking for crowds days are over...........I will have plenty of space in those cabinets soon.

More to come.........closets, dresser drawers, bathroom vanities, the attic where there's plenty of storage space but we're getting a bit long in the tooth to be crawling on hands and knees, the potting shed......I could go on and on.  

Cheers dears, here's to organization.  I believe the secret is to learn to let go.........and then not to bring home more stuff, right?  
Are you doing your annual new year declutter? Small house organizational tips are always welcome. 


  1. Decluttering ( at least phase 1) is done for now. It is so freeing to get rid of that stuff much instant pudding does a person who doesn't eat pudding really need? Where did some of this stuff come from anyway??


  2. My motto these days ...simplify...simplify...simplify! Carla

  3. You were obviously lurking over my kitchen drawers and cupboards!
    If there was money in old twist ties, I'd be rich!
    Good for you - you'll be inspiration to those like me, who are still foraging through the accumulation of months!

  4. Mary, I have been decluttering also. When I put the Christmas decorations away, I started a box of things that I am going to either give to my girls (only if they want it) or GoodWill. Sounds like you had a grand start to decluttering at your house!!

  5. I love decluttering and after Christmas and before spring cleaning is the best time, I think. My mind process figures out how much time I have to spend dusting and sorting things... I compare that to what I think my time is worth, and that helps me get rid of stuff I figure I won't be needing for way too long a time that it can't be replaced if necessary. Wow, could I have been any less eloquent? Hee hee! Good luck with it, it sounds like you're off to a great start. And people out there will be very grateful to get your extras.

  6. Mary, I'm working on m decluttering. I've dropped off things at the thrift store three times this week, and nothing new has followed me home. That's my goal for this year. I'm letting go of all that stuff that I was going to do something with. LOL Mind you, I've just barely started, but I'm off to a good start. House guest arriving tomorrow, so I'll be doing other things this week. Good luck with our project. ~ Sarah
    PS Love your dishes. Maggie has those too. I've wanted to order some for myself, but guess that would go against my year's goal. LOL

  7. I declutter on a fairly regular basis in the house but the attic is a different matter. It would be easy if all the stuff up there was ours but much of it is being stored for my son and his wife who are living in South Africa at the moment and more still belongs to either my younger son or my daughter neither of whom have storage space to spare for childhood mementos etc. I think on the next rainy day I might just try and make a start on one corner and see how far I get.

  8. I had planned to start in our storage area in the basement like I did last year, but my husband put the decorations away before I could get in there. So very soon I need to start again. Awhile back I did throw away a lot of plastic containers that were cluttering my cupboard. I do have a storage closet in my basement for extra plastic wrap, etc. and just keep about 3 boxes of things like that inside a cupboard door on a rack. It seems to work. Really want the rolling shelf for some of the things hard to reach. Oh it is difficult to be organized if others in the house don't help keep it up too. Good luck!

  9. My kitchen declutter has been on my to do list for the past few months! There is always something else that I think is more important to be done first. Have fun!


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