Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekend Treat.......

Does this happen to you?

 A quick trip to Trader Joe's for a few food items for the weekend.............but there, right inside the door, are the flowers saying "please take me home". Beautiful bunches of the freshest flowers at prices we can afford. A nice bunch of alstroemeria for just $3.99, or mixed bunches of blooms from California that we here in the east haven't seen in our gardens since early Autumn. This pretty informal bouquet from the west coast, a bargain at $5.99, included many of my favorites. It jumped into my cart alongside the salad greens, veggies for a stir-fry, box of warming oatmeal, and came home with me for the weekend!

Only problem, where to place them. I love flowers in the dining room, which is also where I write my blog! So, one day on the table, another on the Welsh dresser - they get moved around and enjoyed wherever.

Hope you have something pretty for your eyes to rest upon this weekend.


  1. Mary - your blog is always pretty and the colours are always so soft and resful on the eyes.

    I buy flowers on impulse. Our local supermarket has them just inside the door. They are so tempting - beautiful roses - guaranteed for seven days and often lasting three weeks - at present there are exquisite multi coloured tulips. They make a room come alive don't they?

  2. How pretty and they look lovely in the aqua canning jar.

    I used to shop at Fresh Market a lot when I lived at my other house. Flowers always made their way home with me.

    Lately I have not picked up any and after seeing yours I think I will today!

  3. I love to have flowers in any of the rooms, and if there is nothing in the garden I do tke a look in the markets for something pretty.

  4. They are so pretty! And pretty cheap too! I bought a 5 stem bouquet of Alstromeria the other day for $7.00and a bouquet like yours would be about $15.00. But, it's so worth it to have fresh flowers in the house in winter. Have a lovely weekend. (We're digging out from the snow, ice pellets and freezing rain of yesterday) Pamela

  5. Beautiful. We're scheduled to get a Trader Joe's in our city sometime this year. Looking forward to it.

  6. They're lovely! I wanted to crawl right into the picture and sit at the table beside those flowers. There are no flowers here today - but it seems like a good idea!

  7. They are lovely, and so pretty in the blue glass jar. I often treat myself to fresh flowers, they are so cheering in Winter.
    hugs ♥

  8. Astroemeria and snapdragons are two of my favourites Mary, they look so pretty no wonder you are moving them around to enjoy them :o)
    Rose H

  9. The flowers are beautiful! Yes, I have flowers most of the year, I must you know - it is a rule. Flowers make the heart sing, especially when they are in a pretty green jar.

  10. Hello dear Mary, i have been away from your blog too long. company and a busy life. I thought retirement was supposed to slow life down. Not so for us. We love being active though.

    Your flowers really lighten the spirit for sure. I would have brought them home as well. Your photo is lovely.

    I also visited your Australia post and Tasmania. Wonderful stories in pictures my friend. I am happy for your wonderful opportunities for travel.

    This winter feels like spring coming on. However, I am sure some winter weather is ahead.

    Happy days to you Mary.
    Love, Jeanne

  11. Mary - I so enjoy your take on the world - and I too have flowers "jump into my cart" and T. Joes!! Love the canning jar - must get together soon!! Love, Jeannette

  12. I love to have flowers in my home as they add sunshine to my day!


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