Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Time Tables -

I love old tables.
Farm tables especially catch my eye and make me want to pull up a chair, 
sit down and run my hand over beautiful aged wood. 
Family histories have often been created around a table. 
A beautiful slab of wood supported on four legs, plain, turned or carved,
can hold history from several generations.
Tables age but seldom wear out, they stand solidly taking the daily knocks,
scratches and dings of life.
They may have been dressed elegantly on special occasions when
 the best ironed linens, china and silverware were used in celebration.
For everyday, a more rustic look with a linen tablecloth draped 
casually can turn the table into a surface for a casual meal, even a
 workspace for writing and creating.

This year I've used the farmhouse style table in my dining room much more
for projects than dining. Currently it's my desk and covered with folders, papers, 
lists, travel itineraries - we'll soon be on the move again to places far away.

The bounty at our favorite pumpkin farm. . . . captured on a lovely Autumn
 afternoon in early October last year.  I'll really miss our annual visit chatting to
 our farm friends and bringing home pumpkins, gourds and squash.


  1. heading out again...wonder what exotic clime you are dreaming of today...

    1. I'll 'spill the beans' soon Vee. You're quite right though, very exotic!!!!!
      Mary x

  2. My dining table is covered with my easel, paints, brushes etc....

    1. . . . . . and all those artist's supplies are certainly producing some lovely paintings Penny! You are so talented.
      Mary x

  3. That first picture is just gorgeous. Love farm tables and pumpkins too. Oh to be traveling. Have a wonderful adventure wherever life takes you. I know one year we were traveling in France during pumpkin season and I loved seeing them at farm stands. I ended up buying one just for our apartment in Apt for that week, then brought the seeds home. Tsk! We did grow a few and then they didn't grow anymore.

  4. Enjoy your next trip. Old tables can be fascinating, I agree. There is so much family history they could share.

  5. Mary...I'm so glad I caught this post. What beautiful photos and you and I share a love for old tables. The more dings the better. And you know how I love to see the china cupboard. So much I am going back to have another peak. And another trip...how wonderful.

  6. Enjoy your travels Mary and Bob and bring back a wonderful pictorial bounty of photos from your travels. We have just arrived back home ourselves.

  7. Our dining room table is often used for projects, too. I just cleared it off last night after piling and sorting school papers there. The table is 33 years old and Tim made it. It's a lovely piece and so much laughter and conversation has happened around it - lots of memories there. Your table is always decorated so well, Mary. You inspire me.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your exotic destination!


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