Thursday, January 13, 2022

Birds are back and busy . . . . . . .

Pair of House finches - Eastern bluebird (male)

Today the feeders - filled yesterday, thank you Bob - are busy both in
 the front garden and here in the back garden.
Note, many camellia blossoms were blasted by this week's below
 freezing night temperatures, however the sweet garden birds 'soldier on' 
and were out this morning by the dozens around breakfast time. 
Chirping was ongoing - and the cat from new neighbors across the
 street made a pass on the deck so we sent her running of course. 
We are sad they feel it OK to allow this kitty to wander our busy
 neighborhood, enough said!
I grabbed the real camera, flipped up the living room blinds and
managed a few photos of some of the birds to share with all you
 bird lovers out there!

Carolina wren - House finch (male) - Northern Cardinal (female)

Pine siskin 

Eastern bluebird (male)

Carolina wren - Northern cardinal

Eastern bluebird - House sparrow (male)

Northern cardinal - Pine Siskin 

House finch (female)

Still hoping for a little snowfall, and that it sticks, come the weekend - I love
 to get photos of the garden birds in the snow.


  1. The bluebird is so pretty. Sadly I don't recognize very many birds except robins, sparrows and sea gulls. The latter, of course, can be quite obnoxious but I rather like them.

  2. Our birds have been busy with feeders too. They love sunflower seeds.

  3. Dearest Mary,
    WOW, what a lovely post! Just sitting here for a much needed break after deep cleaning our Rose Suite's bedroom.
    This is incredible and such excellent photos as well.
    You're lucky for having them nearby to observe them like this!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. In that case, just for you, I hope some snow arrives. (Not too much, though) Wonderful photos of the birds.

  5. Wow! Those are great photos and you got a nice variety showing up at the feeder! Thanks so much for sharing those with me!

  6. Lovely birds, and as always, great pictures!
    On my walk across sunlit (but cold) fields yesterday, I saw a heron and two or three falcons/kestrels, as well as the usual large number of black crows and jackdaws.

  7. Dear Mary, Oh, I am so glad that bird season is back in your blog. I love them all.

  8. Such lovely pictures of your beautiful birds, including my favourite Cardinals and Blue birds. It is great that you can get the pictures through the window - and not startle the birds in the process! xx

  9. Hi Mary! Birds are all over my yard and at my feeders too! I know a winter storm is coming but we are only going to have rain. Those photos you took are amazing! I loved all of them. Just wonderful!! Have a great weekend!

  10. Wow, that Eastern Bluebird! Great pictures...
    Love from Titti

  11. I haven't seen many kinds of birds come together. Thanks for sharing us.


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