Sunday, January 16, 2022

Sunday morning snowflakes -


I actually set my alarm for 6:30 am - something unheard of on a Sunday -
and probably not done since getting up for a game drive in Africa, or an
early morning docking of the ship in some the country in the world.
How I miss those days.

Knowing that the snow, if it came, would be here around sunrise, then within
and hour or so would turn into freezing rain and sleet for the remainder
 of the day, I wanted to be ready to get a few photos.
So I did step out to get the newspaper, evading the slippery driveway and
 crunching through the grass. . . . . it was so cold. The birds were already
hunting for breakfast, mostly Carolina wrens, sparrows and finches, so I
spread seeds and nuts along the porch rail. Along with the seed and
 suet feeders, they should have plenty to eat during this cold spell. 
Later Bob will melt the ice on the fountain with a kettle of warm water,
  so many birds are perching but can't peck through to drink.

This is why I left the tree up in the gazebo, hoping for at least a dusting
 of snow, and it looks like that's all it will be!
This was sunrise and now, at 9:30 am, there's just sleet falling and we
hope that ice on the lines or falling trees won't cause power outages.

I lit candles around the rooms to brighten the dark morning.
I made a large pot of coffee. 
We brought in firewood last night ready for this evening's viewing 
of 'Around the World in 80 Days' and 'All Creatures Great and Small'.
Flights are cancelled at Raleigh-Durham International.
Roads are already iced over and we are told to stay home.
Good that it's Sunday and more people can stay home

Hope all is well where you are hanging out today.
I see a lot of birds through the window - I'm off to take 
more photos and will share later!


  1. Beautiful pictures, Mary, as always!
    It is certainly cold enough for snow here, but we‘ve only seen some yesterday at the highest points of our hike. As I need to get the early morning train home tomorrow, I prefer it that way; not keen on any disruptions, there is enough train trouble that has nothing to do with the weather :-)

  2. Aristotle didn't foresee the advent of blogging which allows me to enjoy your snowflakes while sitting at home in the warm!

  3. Stay warm and safe. Hope you get a nice snowfall.

  4. The Asheville area is getting a lot of snow. We were under tornado warnings this morning for a couple of hours her in Naples Florida. That was scary!

  5. Pretty photos, Mary! We also did a Sunday "All Creatures ..." session - but still working our way through the originals and have just had the arrival of the new vet Calum with his badger. Our Xmas Tree is coming down today, boo hoo :)

  6. Love the photo of the inside of your house and gazebo. I hope the ice didn't cause your power to go out. I feel so sorry for the birds here. We can't keep the water in the bird bath from icing over due to it being too cold now 24/7. We can't get a heated bird bath due to there being no outlet on the outside of our house close enough for a power cord to reach it. The only two outside outlets are next to our front door and then one of the side by our side door where there's no room for a bird bath and besides, no adequate shelter (trees) for birds in either location.

  7. Dearest Mary,
    We had lots of rain and wind and it is very mean and cold but frost will start on Tuesday...
    Here in the South one has to grab the camera in a hurry for capturing snow as within hours it usually is gone.
    Our bay window area is also very busy on the feeders by lots of birds and squirrels, chipmunks below.

  8. Oh, what a lovely crisp morning Mary - sadly to be exchanged for sleet etc. Love the quote: I vividly remember the first time I saw flakes of snow on my jacket, and marvelled at how tiny they were, and the little lace patterns they make. Beautiful. Hot and humid here in the Antipodes :0 Take care xx

  9. First I instantly wrote a note into my little turquoise pocket-calendar: Put the Christmas cactus into a clay vase - that looks beautiful on your table!
    Snow - marvellous when sitting at home as I do now - but I always feel sorry for those who have to get up very early in the morning to drive to work.
    Your gazebo is so lovely - and to put a Christmas tree inside: a great idea!

  10. Dear Mary,
    I love your first photograph. The white Amaryllis against the soft colors of the walls is a winner.


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