Monday, January 24, 2022

Something in the winter air -

We've been treated to many beautiful sunrises during these winter months. 
I think today's stunning colors painting the morning sky were perhaps the 
loveliest to date. These really were the colors, I did not enhance them other
 than wee bit of sharpening. I did throw on a robe and socks to hurry outside
 with a real camera while at the peak of color, and a better view than
 through a window. Sunrises don't last long!

The birds continued to hang out all day yesterday and are back
this morning.  
The Northern Mockingbird seems to have made itself at home. 
A quite large 10" bird, male and female are identical, and
 young males often sing at night and imitate other bird songs
 (vocal mimicry). Here in the Carolinas they are non-migrators
 enjoying insects, fruit and obviously seeds here on the front porch.

I've found them to be an easy bird to photograph as they stand still
long enough and are not skittish. 

I noted that the Mockingbird and Carolina wren seemed to enjoy being 
together - they are two of my favorite birds.
The cul-de-sac was a mess yesterday afternoon as vehicles turned the slush
into ruts and they froze overnight. This afternoon we are almost completely
clear of snow and ice - the temperature has warmed to a pleasant 50F with
 brilliant sunshine and blue skies.

Many thanks for the great comments on the bird photos of yesterday. 
I took so many - don't be surprised if more pop up here in the days
 to come!  I was happy to share them and I'm really pleased to know so
 many of you enjoy garden birds.

Off now to bake an apple and blackberry galette - we are cutting back
 on sugar and haven't had a real dessert for a week!


  1. Beautiful sunrise! Love the bird pictures....keep them coming!

  2. Dear Mary,
    What stunning colours in your sunrises. Like huge washes of colour swiped across the sky. Your bird photos are so beautiful; I hope you share many more.
    Enjoy that galette!

    1. .......galette was good even with much less sugar! Enough leftover for a second dessert!!!
      Glad you enjoy the birdies.

  3. Are the beautiful, colourful sunrises unusual this year? Are they an unexpected outcome of climate change?

    1. Actually they seem to always be much more intense at this time of year - amazing colors but you have to be up and catch them in what seem only about 10 mins before the sky turns blue!
      Thanks for stopping by - I believe you are in Australia, is that correct?

  4. Oh, Mary.... what a sunrise! Remind me to get up early one morning so I can see such a sight. Oh, I forgot, there's trees that block my sunrises. I'll just enjoy yours.

  5. Dearest Mary,
    That sunrise you managed to catch for us on camera is STUNNING!
    We never have that view of the sky so we miss that part...
    But yes, Mockingbirds are very friendly 'resident' birds!
    I've tamed one, together with a Carolina Wren and a Brown Thrasher:
    WISH we'd had an iPhone back then... a short video would have been perfect.
    But we sure enjoyed having them come inside for a nutty breakfast alongside of us.

    1. I wish I had patience to tame some birds - especially the chickadees whom seem to come to one's hand if you try long enough! Oh my, fancy you actually getting the birds to come eat inside - I looked up your post! Speaking of the thrashers, what great birds they are - kind of busy loaners who enjoy gardening, lol! I did get loads of photos of one on the snow - will share more later, he's very handsome!

  6. Sunrises and sunsets are (as you know) always a big hit with me, it has been so since I was a little girl, kneeling on my bed to watch the sunset from my west-facing bedroom window.
    I wonder what the reason for vocal mimicry is with birds. One would think that young males sing either to attract suitable females (of their own species, of course, not of others) and/or to establish their territory. So what use is it if they sing like, say, a blackbird but are really looking for a female mockingbird?

    1. Yes, I love the sunrise here as the upstairs window faces east and at this time of year they are wonderful. The sunsets we can't see so well as we are in a dip and many trees in that direction.
      Your point on vocal mimicry is interesting Meike!

  7. Such glorious sunrises. Post as many pictures of your birds as you want!

    1. Thanks John, I know how you love the birds in your area of the UK. We are fortunate to have such a colorful selection here in North Carolina - and of course we get so many in our garden because we feed and water them year round. Perhaps that make us 'birders' but definitely not 'twitchers' haha!!!

      John, don't know if you've seen some of the birds I viewed in Kenya a few years back - if interested here's a link to my post -

      Mary -

  8. What beautiful photos of both the sunrise and the birds! Fifty degrees...I can't imagine right now. Only in my dreams! We are at -2 this morning and will be even colder tomorrow morning. They're saying wind chills could be as low as -30.
    Enjoy your galette! Brian and I don't eat much sugar either.

    1. I really feel for you Melanie. That's far too cold and reminds me - and Bob - of the years in New England when some winters were unbearably cold. How do you manage with your pipes? Do you leave taps dripping at night? Hope it warms up soon, meanwhile take care and snuggle up with Brian every chance you get, haha!!!
      As I'm sure you know, American cooks have always added far too much sugar in their baking - probably double to what Europeans do. My thoughts have always been when baking with fresh fruit one shouldn't need much additional sugar - it's already there so you taste the fruit not over the top sweetness!

      Warm hugs - 59F high here today, not so bad - Mary x


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