Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Icy conditions. . . . . .and smart birds!

Garden birds are smart...........in many ways!

On Sunday, during the ice storm, which thankfully didn't cause any major damage
here in our area, I noticed the potting shed in the back garden provided shelter 
for many birds, especially House finches. . . . . . 

. . . . . . and this adorable Titmouse tucked under the roof overhang.

The finches, male and female, gathered together and shared covered
 spaces for over an hour when the freezing rain was falling.

Male Eastern bluebird and female House Finch

Female Eastern bluebird

Male Northern cardinal

Male Northern cardinal and House finch - boys together!

Male House finch

Thrasher considering frozen suet

Female Towhee

Female American robin in the fig tree today - sunny, dry and cold.

This post is especially for the many bird lovers out there - hoping these 
beautiful creatures visit your gardens too.


  1. What a variety of birds you have.

  2. Absolutely fantastic photographs and such an insight into how your native birds find shelter in that horrible ice storm. Lovely to see my favourite US bird - the cardinal - I think I have only ever seen two in all my v isits to your contry - they are such lovely bright birds.

  3. Smart birds finding shelter and food, exactly what they need to get them through a harsh winter. if any of those turn up in my garden I'll be sure to let you know!!!

  4. Your little birds know exactly whose home to visit for their food, warmth and shelter. It looks jolly cold - no snow or ice this winter for us so far, says she tightly crossing her fingers.

  5. Dearest Mary,
    Well, birds sure are very smart and they know how to find shelter!
    Stunning photos of it all, thanks for taking them for us to enjoy.
    We have only TWICE seen such an icy garden:

  6. What a lovely array of birds. Good to see them sheltering from the weather.

  7. Thank you for the photographs. I live in the tropics and beside a waterway - lots of birds but I've not yet learnt their names. I like watching them though.

  8. I love that fringe of icycles round your garden table!
    Poor birds and other animals, I often wonder how they manage to survive harsh conditions in winter.

  9. Dear Mary, Wish I had so many beautiful birds coming around my house. I love your Robbin and House Finch. Birds of Prey stop by to see if there is an easy meal on the pond. Sadie chases them away. Ducks are safe again once more.

  10. Glad the ice storm didn't knock your power out! Sweet little birds...love the photos you captured of them.

  11. What a beautiful variety of visitors to your garden. I'm sure they were glad for shelter and food.


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