Friday, January 21, 2022

Winter day down south. . . . . . . . .

It felt different this morning. Really like a winter day.
 I was out out on the front porch just before 7 AM.  
Scattered more birdseed along the rail, flipped the frozen WELCOME 
flag which had become tangled around its pole in the strong night wind, 
and noticed the fountain was frozen solid. The birds use it as another
 place to drink and bathe. A word to Bob later and he was out melting the
 ice with the tea kettle of warm water. Within minutes many birds arrived 
and I took a lot of photos through the window.
 I'll sort through them and share with you later.

Tall and elegant, the now blooming Apple Blossom amaryllis is part of my
 tiny tabletop "garden of earthly delights" and a third flower is opening with a
 fourth still in bud. There are new pots also, both from that quick run to
 LIDL yesterday which was mainly for salad greens and veggies. 
Snow, perhaps several inches coming today, we need to be prepared.
I couldn't pass up a pot of fresh bright green basil to snip, and of course the
 blue hyacinth in its own glass vase (just $2.99!) called out to be taken home. 
Who doesn't love a hyacinth before the garden ones appear in spring.
The fragrant aroma is wafting toward me as I write.

Note: These hyacinth bulbs are grown by a Women-Owned business in Pennsylvania. 
Way to go ladies, thank you.

The green bud in the the righthand pot will hopefully be another tall stem, 
and is the third amaryllis I've managed to regenerate this winter!  
As mentioned previously, patience and care often brings them into bloom
 over and over, so although good quality bulbs are somewhat expensive, 
you can get many years of pleasure from them.

Take care today, and over this weekend if you live in the areas where
 very cold and possibly dangerous, weather conditions are expected.
Here the southeast, and mid-Atlantic, may be bad with snow, ice and 
windstorms. Firewood at the ready, soup made, warm socks pulled on!


  1. I have had both blue and red hyacinths this year and they have been a delight but are over now. Tete a tete almost out and iris still in the dark but my amaryllis has been potted up for weeks and regullarly watered but no sign of growth at all.

  2. Dearest Mary,
    Wow, I do envy you for having such a lovely hyacinth in its glass. I still have some glasses but nothing in it. In that regard, we live too far away from a big city. You're lucky!
    That Amaryllis is a joy and even its photos can brighten the day of others.
    Stay cozy indoors, it is very nippy here as well. Frost at night and today has been so dreary and wet...

  3. I am amazed by your little garden doing so well. Stay warm and cozy.

  4. Our weather here is still frigidly cold and we're due for snow all weekend. Not much, just enough to make winter more "delightful". I hope you know that's said totally tongue-in-cheek!

    I'm going to try Bob's trick of melting the ice in the bird bath (I actually have a large plastic planter saucer in the back yard that I keep filled with water for the birds) with a tea kettle full of hot water, then putting fresh water in the saucer. I'll have to wait til it's a little warmer though, or else the water will freeze in no time. Poor little birdies.

    I think hyacinth are beautiful but I can't have them in the house because of their strong odor. It gives me a headache! I'm the same way with lilacs and lilies - any flower with a strong scent.

  5. I am amazed you grow all these things inside your house, Mary. You really are a clever green fingers. The hyacinth is so pretty, and apple blossom beside your marble lady looks really gorgeous. You have reminded me, I need to buy another basil too :) Happy weekend. xox

  6. Your Apple Blossom amaryllis looks so much like mine, that I'm going to assume that's what I've got. I want to look back on your posts about how you kept your amaryllis over the year, as I'd like to try that here.
    Our temperatures have warmed up a little and it's quite pleasant. Lots of fog in the mornings and some sun in the afternoons. Not spring like, but we went for a long hike today that was most enjoyable.
    Stay cozy. What kind of soup did you make?

  7. Your tabletop Garden of Earthly Delights is wonderful, dear Mary! It makes me want to get my own, but I am struggling with just a potted yellow primrose - it is true that I have black thumbs, and any plant that makes it into my flat needs to be extra hardy with a will to survive.
    A couple of large doves comes to my windowsill every day, as do a variety of black tits and other birds. They flutter off as soon as I enter the kitchen, but they are never far away; there are the cherry tree and the large pine near my window. I also provide water for them; so far this winter, it has frozen only once.

  8. Oh what a beautiful Apple Blossom amaryllis! Cold and dull here. January is not my favourite month...
    Have a lovely weekend and take care!

  9. I love your blog,am a frequent reader, and finally commenting. My Apple Blossom amaryllis is just finishing up with its fifth blossom. And the blue hyacinth is wonderful - I can almost smell it. Always recall the line "Sweet blue hyacinth twisted over my soul" from Pablo Neruda's poem I Remember You as You Were.
    Thank you for your lovely blog, photos, thoughts.

    1. Thanks for such a kind comment - and for stopping by. Amaryllis with five blooms is really special - do you have a secret? Neruda says everything about flowers - and of course love - that we all wish we could have said! The hyacinth is at its peak today, it's fragrance almost overwhelming!
      Enjoy your day and please come back again.

  10. I can almost imagine I am smelling that hyacinth. Now I want a real one in my house to smell. The amaryllis is gorgeous too. Keep warm and cozy, dear one.


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