Monday, August 25, 2014

New Hampshire Summers . . . . . . .

I'd almost forgotten how perfect the late Summer days can be
 'up North'. Yesterday we took a drive through New Hampshire 
back roads, stopping at a couple of small country towns, 
once for a coffee, and then to buy yarn from a truly
old-fashioned yarn shop. I thought of how some of my 
blog friends who knit, crochet etc., - including 
Claudia in NY, Tammy far away in Kuwait - would 
have enjoyed being there with me.
It was the most amazing selection of yarns I've ever seen. 
Yes, I did buy some French yarn to knit a scarf while 
TV watching come Winter. Nothing complicated as were 
some of the knitted beauties on display in the shop, 
because I don't need complications at this time of life.

Domed building is the State House in New Hampshire's 
capital city of Concord.

The red house and barns were a gracious complex of 
buildings, and FOR SALE, set back from a country road rolling 
through the small town of Weare. I can imagine it soon 
dressed in even more color as Autumn foliage appears.
I'd enjoy living there, just far enough removed from the 
madding crowd such as we now have in greater Raleigh, which 
by the way, welcomed its one millionth resident last Friday!
I lived up here in New England for 12 years - I think I 
could return quite easily.


  1. Hello Mary,

    We have never visited the United States but for some reason have always imagined that we would feel completely at home in New England. The landscape looks to be incredibly beautiful and the place of life seems rather less frenetic than in other states.

    And, it all seems so very photogenic. The red barn and house look delightful and well cared for. Yes, we are not surprised that you could return....perhaps one day?

  2. I love New England as well. I once drove with a friend from Boston straight up the coast into New Hampshire and Maine. It was the prettiest trip I've ever taken.

    I so enjoyed your pictures. Please share the scarf with is...simple or not!

    Jane xx

  3. I love New England, though I don't think I could spend winters there anymore. After growing up in Michigan and living in Western New York for years, I am finding cold and snow a lot less desirable.

    I will say New England has beautiful falls.

  4. It is such a charming part of the country, and I would gladly live up there in the summertime. And then I would fly down south during the winter! I'm glad that you got to enjoy the sites and soak in some of the New England beauty while you were there.

  5. New England is beautiful. Period. :) What a beautiful old farm for sale. Enjoy your visit.

  6. How lovely to have this unexpected visit to New Hampshire and see the late summer beauty.
    When seeing a place of beauty it is always fun to imagine and dream of what it would be like
    to live there. Oh and special yarn shop too, what fun! Now I will be waiting to see what beauty
    you knit.

  7. New England is a part of the USA that I have always wanted to visit. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of your drive through the countryside and small towns.


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