Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Continuing the New England road trip………………

We're snuggled into our hotel room in the mountains tonight.  

 This was the view as we drove into North Conway, NH this 
evening, the air cooling comfortably following another
very warm and sunny day.

Evening falls over Mt. Washington, New Hampshire - 6,288 feet, highest mountain in the 
Northeastern United States.

New England countryside.

White Mountains of New Hampshire.


  1. I like New England, wish I had seen more when I was there years ago

  2. That looks so beautiful. We explored a tiny, tiny bit of New England when we came over for a friend's wedding years ago. Hold that mountain - we'll be back!!

  3. Breathtaking - fabulous - wonderful. Thanks for the ride-along.

  4. So many fabulous photos Mary. My favourite has to be the colours in those white? mountains.

  5. It's all so beautiful! In some ways it reminds me of Oregon.
    Enjoy the mountain air.

  6. How beautiful it all looks, with a definite tinge of autumn here and there. I love the layers of blue in the mountains.


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