Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Plum crazy…………another galette!

Yes, galettes really are the way to go when it comes 
to easy tart/pie, or whatever you like to call some type 
of delicious fresh fruit all wrapped up in crispy pastry.

   For this delicious dessert which we actually indulged 
in at teatime yesterday - just out of the oven - I cut up 
six large red plums, tossed with 1/4 cup toasted sliced 
almonds, 2 tablespoons of flour, same amount of 
sugar, a smidgen of fresh ground nutmeg, and a dash of fresh 
squeezed lemon juice.
Tossed all together lightly, and piled all into 
the center of a readymade unrolled piecrust, 
gathered up the edges, brushed with heavy cream, 
and sprinkled with demerara sugar.

Baked in a hot oven for 15 minutes, then reduced heat for 
another 15 or so until golden brown and juices started to flow.
Definitely a rustic beauty.



  1. You've been plum-crazy, and I've been tart-crazy! HA! A galette may need to be my next endeavor. This dessert looks so warm and satisfying.

    xo Cassie

  2. Oh my it is beautiful, and sounds delicious! B

  3. Just my cup of tea Mary - I love ready made pastry, it is as good as I can make. I love a savoury one too - the choice is endless.

  4. It looks delicious! If you hear your doorbell ring, it will be me...

  5. We've been inundated with plums in our garden so I've been thinking about different recipes to use them all up! It was 'plum' upside down cake yesterday. I think your galette will be next xx

  6. I need to save this idea for when our plums are ripe. They are starting to turn purple, maybe in another week. Yummmmm!
    This looks so very delicious. Now I want right now.

  7. Gorgeous looking galette. I'm eyeing our plums and hope to start picking a few this weekend. Your galette might just be on the menu.

  8. This recipe is a keeper. It looks delicious and I know that it is delicious. Can't wait for my plums to ripen. Thank you for sharing Mary.

  9. Somebody pass me a spoon and a jug of cream, to go with that plum galette right this instant. ;)


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