Monday, August 18, 2014

Farewell to figs………………

Over the weekend the figs seemed to vanish into thin air. The plump ones left on the 
trees Saturday - because I just couldn't handle any more in my kitchen - were devoured 
by birds, especially robins, and the occasional squirrel. Fruits pecked open and 
savored allowed the bees to buzz in. . . . so I stayed away.

It has been a great crop this year and I have made good use of the figs. . . . . come 
on over if you want a jar of yummy jam, I have plenty, fig and lemon, fig and ginger.
Need to do some gentle pruning soon as both trees are so big now. . . . . have some 
friends who would like a fig tree of their own so I may try propagating a few to share.


  1. I have never tried fig jam. I bet it's really good. I love your new header, Mary. LOVE IT! Deb

  2. Ah, the season was grand while it lasted!

  3. I'd love to have had some of your figs. I love roasted fig and brie.......mmmm...........
    Now that your figs have disappeared I can admit my fig-envy - and let it go!

  4. Our cherries and peaches have also disappeared - a sad day in the summer. I don't think fig trees grow here in the Pacific Northwest - unless in some small micro climate in a sheltered yard. My friend had a big fig tree in California. Your photos and collages are fabulous..

  5. I know first hand how good your fig jam is! I love these pictures Mary. Maybe at my next house I will plant a fig tree.

  6. How wonderful to have a lovely crop of figs and to enjoy them so much.
    Our figs still are on the tree and I check them everyday to see if they are closer
    to ripeness. Fig jam sounds just delicious. I have a jar of store bought, but
    homemade would be a treasure. Have been having the fig jam with turkey
    sandwiches. How nice of you to leave the end for the birds and squirrels.

  7. Your figs have been amazing and like Pondside, I've been a bit envious. Our little fig tree produced about a dozen figs this year. But alas, on the day I went to pick them, something or someone had arrived before me and every single one had disappeared. Not birds. Raccoons, maybe?

  8. Oh I was just reading at Lorrie's Fabric Paper Thread about the mysterious disappearance of figs overnight. Guess it might not be so strange after all. Glad that you harvested so many and have an abundance of jams, etc.

  9. Beautiful Post! I will be coming back! Hope you come see my new blog: Jo on legacy lane

  10. Mary, my mom had huge fig trees in her garden. Every summer she could hardly keep up with all the figs, so she invited others to come over and take what they wanted. Your fig preserves sound delicious! I should send you my mom's recipe for fig bars.

  11. Ooooh, Fig and ginger sounds divine!


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