Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Good morning sunshine…

While picking up the newspaper at 7:30 am today, I took these pics. 
The sun is shining again at last, the grass is so green for August after 
several days with some really heavy rain. 

If you were close by I'd be showering you with fresh picked 
figs today. 
They're plump and juicy and the birds are feasting. 
I have so many now and I'm 'fig jammed out'!
Hey, if you ARE nearby and you want to help yourself, please 
call me or come on over, you're welcome to pick all you want.

Also greeting me this morning, a couple of beautiful sunflowers at long last. 
Their faces have been searching for the sun for over a week. 
Now they have unwrapped their golden petals and are shining brightly on this early August day.


  1. Isn't it amazing what a difference a few days of rain makes to the lawn. A few weeks ago ours was so brown and now it is a beautiful green once again.
    Your figs and sunflowers look so healthy and lush. I'm wondering whether my arm is long enough to reach from here to your fig tree. Ha ha. Would love a fresh fig right about now. We are in the final stages of a large landscaping project here. After reading about your figs in earlier posts, I tried to incorporate one into the project. Unfortunately they get too big for this part of the yard. Darn! I am determined to find a spot out there somewhere.

  2. I wish I was close by to pick some figs and visit with you...

  3. I love your photos today even if they have a fallish colour to them. Such is August with it's golden blooms and fruit and sun. Have a happy day. Pam

  4. I would be there so quickly if I lived nearby. Oh to see beautiful sunflowers
    and pick figs. I am still watching my figs diligently. I am ready to fight those
    birds and squirrels. I wanted sunflowers in the garden, but also the two that
    are there are not doing so well. Happy summer time in the sun. It has finally
    cooled down to about 80 degrees and for this I am thankful.

  5. Figs and sunflowers! I would definitely be ringing your doorbell if I lived near by!

  6. Oh you must be so happy to see the sun after all that rain. It wears out its welcome after a day or so. Oh blessed you with a glut of figs. Your neighbors must be happy to help. I surely wish I liked to travel!

  7. Beautiful figs and sunflowers. I picked one fig from our little tree and it was dry and flavorless. I don't know if I need to wait longer (probably) or give it more water. Time to google how to grow figs.

  8. What bounty, love the suflowers. Such a cheery sight after the rain has gone.

  9. So glad to hear you are enjoying the summer Mary. The figs look delicious, I love them scattered on a plate with Italian hams, mozzarella and drizzled in honey.

  10. I would give anything to have a few of your figs. Your photographs bring back such vivid memories of picnics under a fig tree at Villa Spoiano, near Tavarnella val di Pesa. ox, Gina


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