Thursday, August 7, 2014

Linen love……and flying pigs!

Another beautiful spool of white linen yarn to add to 
my collection. Found at SuzAnna's Antiques.

A quick stop at SuzAnna's last Saturday 
afternoon - before torrential rain fell - to look 
about the shop, hug granddaughter Jasmin working there, 
and gift co-owner sweet Jenny with a little special gift 
I found in Sweden for her 'Flying Pig' collection.

My spool collection is about to outgrow the French dough bowl 
so perhaps I'll stop now! What's next? Who knows? Like
many of we women of a certain age, 'downsizing' is becoming 
our mantra. Maybe collecting days are over for me. I'll 
just love what I have, enjoy glancing at my bits and bobs 
as I wander through the cottage, repositioning as I go 
instead of adding more. 
That said - have you seen the current gorgeous bowls 
at Anthropologie? How about their exquisite candles? Sigh.

What do you enjoy collecting? 
Are you still adding to your ongoing collections, 
or perhaps thinking of starting a new collection?
We would love to know!


  1. Mary, your collections are beautiful and so carefully displayed with no detail left unnoticed.
    I haven't started any NEW collections, but add to my them when I find something really
    special and unique to keep.

  2. The linen thread is a beautiful addition to your wooden bowl. I love the display in your wooden hutch - all the bits and bobs so artfully arranged. I don't really collect anything other than sea glass when we walk on the beach and pretty rocks. White dishes or blue and white pieces and perhaps a bit of silver.

  3. Ah! There's that step-back cupboard again. *swoon* I just love it. You have some beautiful pieces collected, Mary. I love blue and white china and pottery. I also have a small collection of tea-pots. As long as I visit thrift shops I doubt I will stop collecting pottery. It is so hard to find and I can't walk past it if it calls my name. :) Deb

  4. I love your bowl full of spools Mary. I don't really collect anything. Of course if I came across a few more French confit pots at a price I could afford, I would snatch them up. We have been downsizing for years now. The big house to the one we are in, to the next one, which will be even smaller....

  5. Mary, your linen threads make a beautiful statement. Love the look of your beautiful home. Yes, I still add to collections and tend to start new ones now and then. I've more collections that allowed. Things just follow me home. '-)

  6. I have no more room for my copper collection (mostly molds and trivets) so have stopped looking for them. But I still continue to look for blue and white china. I can spot it a mile away! I found a really good piece at a consignment shop a couple of Saturdays ago marked $6.00 but was 25% off that day. As you Brits say, I was chuffed.

  7. Hi Mary,

    What a beautiful hutch and how beautifully decorated it is! Do you know that it's the EXACT hue of blue that I had wanted for my own hutch, which, in the end, got a coat of olive green, which tends to complement everything else in its space. Your linen threads are lovely. The older I get, the less I want and I have been on a mission to simplify my surroundings and my soul!

    Happy weekend to you!

    P.S. Your sunflowers would make me smile all day long!

  8. I tend to collect smaller things now but keep saying that we should not be tempted anymore but 'hey ho'!!! I take my lessons from my old American neighbour who died when he was 90 but right up until the end he was still regularly visiting antique stalls and vintage markets and being enthusiastic.

  9. No new collections, but when I add to my collections I must get rid of something. That is my rule.
    Trying to downsize is quite difficult when husband doesn't want to do it, so I am getting rid of my
    own pretty things. Oh well, It is a hard transition, we love so many pretties. Love your linen strings.
    I have a ball of linen string I actually spun on the wheel many years ago. I am beginning to use it
    to wrap gifts.


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