Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Still picking the sweetest figs………….

They just keep growing, plumping up and getting 
sweeter……hubby just keeps picking, trying to beat 
the feasting birds, despite his arms getting covered 
in mosquito bites, poor guy. 
Whereas, yours truly is still running a jam factory in
the kitchen, baking all things figgy, and now leaving 
bags of fresh picked figs on the front porch for neighbors 
to collect! 

Yes, still on the galette kick. I love making these 
rustic fruit tarts. 
I even saw recipe for a tomato galette which set me 
thinking - I might try that with a a mix of heirloom 
tomatoes for supper one evening.

Anyway, I enjoyed making this one with fresh picked figs 
last weekend - and Bob, who picks them but rarely eats 
them, actually said he loved this 'figgy tart'.

Rustic fresh fig galette


  1. oh you grow them. Oh I have learned something. My hubby eats them as it is his fav. So I am educated. I must go show him your blog.

    His lips will be flapping. Or is it his tongue?

  2. Your figgy tart does look delicious! I'm sure when you planted those trees a few years ago you had no idea how bountiful they would be! I had a hard time keeping up with my one little tree in past years at our former home. I see jars of fig jam on sale in supermarkets for up to $10 per jar sometimes, and they are not large jars either. So you do have a treasure store accumulating on your shelves, or in your freezer! Perhaps you could try drying figs for use in wintertime recipes??

  3. Oh Mary! I am so jealous. ox, Gina

  4. What a bounty! Lucky neighbours..........I'd be checking out your porch every day!

  5. Your figgy tart looks wonderful Mary! I have a great tomato galette on my Harvest To Table blog. Here is the link:

  6. What a delightful and delicious problem to have...a glut of figs! That galette looks marvelous.

  7. I've heard of bags of zucchini left on the neighbor's steps, but not figs. I would say your neighbors are very lucky people. What a delicious surprise!
    Your galette looks scrumptious and I'm so glad you found a recipe that pleases your hubby too.

  8. Looks yummy, Mary! I love figs and envy you your fig bounty!


  9. I love figs and you are so lucky to have such a bounty as they're so expensive at the grocery store. Your tart looks so delicious!

  10. I wish I was your neighbor. That whole bowl of figs would disappear in no time. Yum! When I was about 5, used to sneak over into the neighbor's backyard to take figs from their tree. Oops! :) My Mammaw used to make the best fig preserves to eat on biscuits. Yummo! Even fresh, figs are great. I'll have to see if we've got any in the grocery stores around here. It's definitely date season so I would imagine it should be fig season, too. Have a great day. Tammy

  11. Your tarts just make me drool. Our figs are in abundance, but slow to ripen.
    We will have plums too, that is if we can keep the rascal squirrels away.
    I did make a rustic tomato tart once upon a time, but my family doesn't think
    that qualifies for a meal even with the addition of a salad. I think my meals
    might be a bit different if it were girls in my house instead of guys.


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