Saturday, August 30, 2014

Making a home……

If you're married, or living with a partner, have you 
moved since you first put down roots in a home together?
I was living in a tiny apartment in Washington, D.C. when 
Bob and I married almost fifty years ago! Within a 
couple of weeks we moved to Bob's home town of Manchester, 
New Hampshire . . .  

 . . . and set up house in this lovely home, renting the 
second floor from the elderly French Canadian owners who 
lived downstairs. We had to scrimp to pay the rent - times 
were really tough for us in those days. I would often sit 
on the back steps looking out across the city to 
Mt. Uncanoonuc in the distance - wondering how on earth 
I had ended up so far from my home and family in England.

I was so happy when we drove by the house today and saw 
how well it has been kept up and is obviously loved by its 
current owners. Those simple wooden steps where I sat,
planning my future, knowing I would probably never live 
in England again, have been replaced by lovely decks 
and stairs. 
The garden was neat and attractive and the red front door 
most welcoming. Some windows were open allowing the fresh 
air in. Notice the beautiful front porch, sadly it was a 
part of the house we were not permitted to use. 

My dear in-laws lived a few hundred yards up the street 
and were very kind to me during my New Hampshire years. 
Burying my mother-in-law next to Bob's father this week 
brought back so many memories. We've spent a lot of time 
driving around town and chatting about those early years.
Today we returned to the cemetery to make sure all was well.
It was, and we feel comfortable leaving for home tomorrow 
knowing our loved ones are together again.


  1. It's a very beautiful old home and a great place to start off your married life together. I'm sure you have had a lot of memories and thoughts going through your mind the past few days, Mary. A lovely trip for you both. xx

  2. Mary...this is such an eloquent post. I am certain that Bob's parents are united again, and that you both came away from this trip with a few good memories to round it out. That is a beautiful would warm my heart as well to know it's as beautiful now as it was then.

    Much love to both of you,

    Jane xx

  3. Mary, I'm sorry for your loss. Time marches on for all of us, but it's difficult to say those final goodbyes. Thinking of you and Bob and the emotions of the loss. The home is beautiful. I can picture you, and new bride, sitting on those lofty stairs looking out across the city to the mountain. It seems most peaceful. Travel safely, my friend.

  4. What a lovely home - and to have it preserved all these years. I'm glad you are at peace to go to your own home again. I'm so sorry for your loss - it is always very hard. The memories are yours always.

  5. Dear Mary, I am a silent reader of your blog but love to follow what you post and see. I wanted to give you my condolences and also wanted you to know that whilst the circumstances to get back to where you started as a young woman are sad, they are so lovely to read about. Most times, when we go back, places are no more what they were when we loved them, so it is a nice surprise for you to see that beautiful house so well kept. I am now in love with Vermont, btw. After Kentucky one of the places I would love to go in the States. With best wishes from Belgium. P.S. We would never travel without passport around here ;-)

  6. What a lovely home to start your married life in. Of course with me, you know the answer to your question. Kent and I have moved 18 times...
    Safe travels home.

  7. Hope you had a good trip home today. Such a lovely home. Ahhh, memories are bitter sweet, but precious for each one of us.
    Someday I think I would like to revisit where we had our first home at the top of another little apartment below and surrounded by
    avocado, orange, and lemon trees. So glad you felt at peace to leave for home.

  8. Dear Mary, This is a lovely little glimpse into the past. The home you lived in is beautiful and certainly well cared for even now. As you travel home, leaving your dear MIL resting beside her husband, I pray for comfort and peace for you both.

  9. I am glad all was well. I know these are bittersweet moments.

  10. So sorry for your loss,Mary. But it seems to also have been an opportunity to think fondly of the past. That is a beautiful old home and so nice to see that it is so well taken care of. Blessings, Tammy

  11. How lovely for you to see your first home together, and to witness that your Mother in Law is now back with her husband once more. xx

  12. I am so glad that you were able to venture down memory lane and see this beautiful old home again!


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