Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Books in Denmark. . . . . . . .

Last year I found intricately folded books tucked into displays in several antiques shops 
around North Carolina. I took some time to look at how they were fashioned, photographed 
some, then came home and made a couple of my own.  It was fun and not too difficult, 
click HERE for directions - I used inexpensive vintage hardcover books from the used 
book store.

Above is a very simple folding job - my first ever and something even 
children might enjoy creating.

The reason for another post on folding are the following books. In June, I found 
these amazing creations displayed in the window of a small gallery in a 
Copenhagen, Denmark side street as we were strolling off the main 
thoroughfares during our day in the lovely city.

I think you will agree that this artist has brought paper folding to another 
level with these folded books - I think they are truly awesome.

The one above is my personal favorite and I think I will have to try 
my hand at creating something similar.

I photographed these through the window. I like the idea of framing folded books 
and hanging them on the wall for a three dimensional piece of art.

My folded books and vintage books. 


  1. They are fabulous. I would love to give it a try!

  2. Your folded books add a lot of texture and character to your vignettes. The Danish books are so intricate - beautifully done and I know that you are up to the challenge!

  3. Mary, I recently attended an exhibit of a local artist who does folded pages. Take a look at this work:
    I've not tried my hand at this, but would like to. Thanks for the link to the tutorial. Your folded books are awesome.

  4. OK and I didn't need another "to do" thing on my list (smiling)!
    I love them. Wow! And I have a couple books that would work
    so well. Maybe something to do in the Fall.

  5. This is fascinating! I have to look at the link. A real work of art!

    Jane xx

  6. They are quite beautiful, aren't they? I wouldn't be good at such a craft, but The Great Dane is quite adept at origami and in Danish paper-folding, so might just like to try this out. I will have to show him this post.

  7. I'm loving your favourite too Mary. These would be a great accent for December. (Do you see how I don't actually mention the X word until the Autumn) Love your version, you are so clever, I'll take a hundred please;)

  8. Those are amazing Mary. I am looking forward to seeing more of your foldings.

  9. How very creative and lovely! You did a great job on yours. Best wishes, Tammy

  10. Interesting - and so complicated looking. Looks like book origami.

  11. These are fascinating and lovely!


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