Sunday, August 17, 2014

Creating serenity . . . . . . . .

I haven't done anything creative around the cottage all Summer,
so yesterday I just had to change a few things around or go crazy 
staring at the same old same old for one more hot and muggy day!

I picked the dining room which is to the left as soon as you enter the 
front door so I try to keep it tidy. I no longer use the table as my 'office'.  
When Bob retired we were able to make his upstairs office (formerly a bedroom)
 into an office for the two of us. . . . . yes, the stairs provide exercise!

I decided to cover the farm table in my heavy vintage French linen tablecloth - a great 
find in a quaint little antiques shop in Carcassonne, France - and layered a French 
linen bolster cover across the center under the dough bowl, also French.
I moved the large grey metal baskets, great find at SuzAnna's Antiques, from the top 
of the dresser to the table and tweaked a few items on the dresser shelves.
In the corner you can see my 'cabinet of curiosities', moved from the living room.
 Inside, who knows what you may discover . . . . right now a birds' nest, butterflies, 
this and that from the natural world. On top I placed a bowl made from resin starfish, 
holding my collection of white china vegetables!
No drastic changes but I'm pleased with how cool and serene the room looks 
on these very hot August days.

Do you find yourself just enjoying your rooms as they are for Summer, but when 
you feel Autumn in the air your creative energy returns and you want to 
make changes?


  1. Yes, you find yourself 'cozying things up' as Fall approaches. I love your dining-room. It's so inviting.

  2. Your dining room is light and lovely. I did some deep cleaning here last week and changed just a few things around in the living room. Always makes me feel better to do that ever once in a while. :) Have a great day. Tammy

  3. Oh yes, dear! Absolutely! The dining room looks so beautiful as always, and I love the french linen fabrics. I have been doing a lot of changes around the house as well. Not haven't enough time for blogging etc. but I'm still posting on Instagram daily because it's quick. Dear, as soon as school starts, I'm planning on coming to see you. I hope you are doing well! Love ~ Vanessa

  4. I've been very antsy about my house lately. Perhaps because I've been housebound a bit, I find myself wanting to purge lots of 'stuff.'

    Love your pretty table and the serene dining space.


  5. It sure does look calm, inviting, and beautiful! I think my decorate muse left the building a couple of years ago and never returned. I just can't get inspired to change things around. But that's OK because I'm fairly content. Eventually, I would like to change out some of our Americana/Colonial furniture pieces and replace them with a Craftsman style. But it's not a high priority at the moment.

  6. I have been just trying to keep my house neat for the ever present realtors coming by with clients! I love your changes in the dining room Mary.

  7. Since prepping the house ready to sell I have not changed much but it's beginning to feel autumny now here in Normandy so I imagine I'll be tweaking a few things such as cushions, china and objects quite soon. Your dining room always looks lovely. I really like the muted colour palette and the way you have gathered together so many beautiful possesions that complement each other so perfectly.

  8. I definitely get the re-arrange "itch" as fall approaches... I like things to feel more inviting and cozy. More candles, more books on shelves (making those heartier cookbooks easier to find), and certainly more photographs of friends and family on display! Now you've got me in the mood to start moving some things around at OUR house! :)

    xo Cassie

  9. The house really does look serene! Mine is anything but serene at the moment. A collection of packing boxes is at centre stage. We don't move until mid-September, but with working full-time I have to pack when I can - usually evenings, so it's a long process. I look forward to making a new house into a comfy place to be. We lived in a 'staged' house for most of the winter and all of the spring and early summer - my house-grooming skills have gone rusty!

  10. Your room is gorgeous! I would just stand there and want to take in all the serenity.
    Yes, when fall approaches (which BTW I haven't acknowledged yet) I do feel a stirring
    to change things up a bit. Love bird nests tucked in amongst the beauty. And oh the
    wonderfulness of the French linen table coverings. Sigh!

  11. I've been whirling around decluttering, cleaning out closets and getting the carpets cleaned. The house is in a bit of an uproar. I am longing for the day when it's all back together again. Nights are cooler now and I'm getting the itch to tweak a few things in the decor. Love the heavy linen on your table. A beautiful, cohesive room, Mary, that shows your great eye for design.


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