Friday, August 29, 2014

Lake Champlain. . . . . . .

Last night we took an unplanned ferry ride across 
Lake Champlain from Vermont to Plattsburgh, New York.

Old style lakefront vacation lodgings - still very attractive when kept up so well.

Returning to Vermont today we drove down through the sunlit 
lake islands to Burlington, arriving back in Manchester, 
New Hampshire - our starting point last Tuesday. 
Our unplanned road trip turn into a lovely vacation - 
the countryside and coastal regions were all so scenic, 
the kindness of the near perfect late Summer weather was 
a most generous extra.


  1. Your pictures are wonderful as always, Mary. So glad you are having a respite from the circumstances. I could imagine staying awhile in those white cottages! I'd make do.

    Jane xx


  2. Lovely summer photographs. Everything seems so peaceful.

  3. I recall crossing Lake Champlain years ago when our sons were young. I seem to remember visiting the Ausable Chasm before crossing in our hired car and then eating at the Ice House restaurant, Burlington, when we reached the Vermont side.

  4. Lovely pictures Mary, I have enjoyed your trip with you.

    We went to Manchester NH when we were in the US in 1998.

  5. It is exactly ten years since we celebrated our Silver Wedding Anniversary - with a lunchtime cruise on Lake Champlain - followed by a seafood dinner in a riverside restaurant - then a drive in the moonlight. Thank you for your lovely post, with super pictures which brought back so many happy memories!

  6. Very pretty. I love small, scenic towns ... sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. I've just finished reading through your New England travel posts. Such a beautiful area of our country and you have captured that beauty so well.
    Safe travels for the rest of your journey.

  8. How I want to be sitting in one of those red chairs having a wonderful chat with my friend, Mary.
    And then a cozy night to sleep in one of those cabins. Oh sigh! Just beautiful on the lake.
    Surprise travel, oh so beautiful! Glad the weather was also agreeable.

  9. Oh my... This looks like a lovely trip. I scrolled back and really enjoyed all your photos.

  10. What beautiful little holiday residences. I can just see myself sitting on the veranda with my laptop and busy writing away in such a perfect setting. x

  11. We crossed there on our honeymoon, Mary. It is so beautiful there. You got some lovely snapshots of the area.

  12. Delightful! I especially love the colorful lawn chairs lined up in a row.


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