Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Visit to the seaside. . . . . . . . .

    Popular British music hall song from the 1900's. . . . . .  

Oh! I do love to be beside the seaside.
Yes I do love to be beside the sea.

Visiting the beautiful North Carolina coast for a couple of days - in need
 of some seaside time and will have a quick visit with friends who live there.

North Carolina - The Atlantic Ocean - 2016

Today, heading east to the North Carolina coast.

No invitations to any exotic watering places this summer so
 we're off on another road trip within our lovely home state. 
Not complaining though, North Carolina really has a stunning
 coastline, perfect beaches, historic towns, great fresh seafood,
and nice people who roll out the welcome mat.

We headed east to the shore today. . . . . . . .because I do 
love to be beside the seaside, and I can't get home to England this summer.
Must say we hit it right - sunshine all the way through green and gold
 farmland, not too hot or humid. 

Today's catch was grouper and shrimps in a lobster sauce on tonight's
 menu at the restaurant we picked. Located in quaint  Floyd's 1921 beach house
 near the sea, what could be more perfect as the sun went down.


  1. Dear Mary, It sounds wonderful. Have a great time.

  2. Yes, I echoe Gina's sentiments Mary - sounds perfect.

  3. I miss the coast as well, after living in Florida for years. Have a wonderful time!

  4. I'd love to live near the ocean. Something so primal about it. Love the smell, the wind and sound of waves and of course, the view. Don't think it'll happen, but I can dream and visit.

  5. Your seaside is beautiful! We escaped to the seaside yesterday, but today at home and suffering in the heat. When it gets above 100, prediction for today 106, my mind goes. I totally forgot my haircut this morning. All I wanted was to stay in my pjs and zone out. Thankfully I can go this afternoon.

  6. It sounds lovely - enjoy your seaside idyll!

  7. Can't beat a good road trip, Mary. And I'm hearing the song, the fairground music and smelling the salt air already...

  8. It truly looks idyllic and sounds even better. Every now and then, we must get to the ocean.


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