Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Scribble Picnic. . . . . . . Curly

I'm guilty of being missing in action for the past couple of weeks on Wednesdays! 
Life threw things at me which stole creative time. It continues this week,
 but I decided to make more of an an effort today and share something, anything.
I've missed you - did grab a few minutes to see all the neat things
 you shared although there was no time to comment, sorry!

So, continuing the 'sunflowers and squirrels in my garden'  current blog theme,
 here's a photo I took a few years ago when the little curly-tailed cutie actually
 managed to sit on a fading, curled over sunflower head and feast on the seeds
 for quite a while!

Some editing via PicMonkey - I added color with my precious watercolor pencils.

This week's 'Curly' theme is fun.
Do head over to our SCRIBBLE PICNIC host Michael's blog to see 
some great curly art by members of our group. 


  1. Now you have me wishing I'd drawn a squirrel.

  2. Love his curly tail Mary so glad to see you back this week.

  3. Sometimes life just runs away with our time doesn't it? Lovely squirrel drawing.

  4. oh, Mary. So sorry you have been so busy but the entry you did today was just perfect.

  5. So dear. I have tiny red squirrels and they certainly have curly tails.

  6. I wonder if that squirrel knows how attractive she/he is with her curly tail?

  7. It's so adorable, Mary, and perfect for the theme. I love the tails, as it were! Also, we love all your super thoughtful comments. Yes, you are definitely missed. So nice to have you back again! So, when Cassie says she was visiting great grandmother, woudl that be you, in terms of Colin or does she actually have great grandparents too? Wowza.
    I so need to catch up with your posts here. Maybe Labour Day w/e will provide that opp?

  8. Wonderful take on the theme, Mary...the squirrel is adorable! Know that you are missed too. I'm glad you were able to join us this week. :)

  9. I always marvel at the curly and fluffy tails of squirrels even when they're stealing bird seed from the feeders. I like how you captured him on the sunflower. Great to see you back.

  10. Mary,
    I too have been going from one thing to the next. So enjoy this picture and thoughtful creative idea on the prompt. And curly leaves too.

  11. that is a neat looking effect, works well with the subject matter :)

  12. Oh Mary, for a gal who LOVES to illustrate woodland creatures, it never crossed my mind to do a squirrel. This is fantastic and I LOVE what you've done here. :)

    My apologies for visiting so late! x


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