Sunday, August 27, 2017

August Nature Notes and a tough nut to crack!

 Yes, I know, it's a love/hate thing when it comes to squirrels in your garden.
Personally I love them because they are incredibly smart little guys who
 don't scare me. 
As long as they have food available, thanks to nut bearing trees, bird feeding people,
 and fruit, seed, and berry growing gardeners, they don't really cause a problem.
They don't hurt the garden birds, just chase them around a bit, and do a good
 clean up job under the feeders. If you really don't want squirrels near your 
house just discontinue feeding the birds - but to me that's sad because every 
garden needs beautiful songbirds.

Yesterday morning, on opening the blinds, who did I see but this messy guy. 
He/she was well into what looked like a lengthy feast on a hickory nut breakfast,
 and leaving a real mess. Stayed such a long time and didn't mind me snapping
 away through the kitchen window allowing me to get some nice closeup shots.

Not long after I took these photos I saw a young fox trot across the back garden. 
My little chipmunk has been showing up to nibble under the bird feeders so I'm a bit
 nervous for 'Chippy'. Fortunately he runs a mile a minute!  
Circling above is the screeching red-tailed hawk, and the accompanying crows
 cawing at him. Some birds who seemed to disappear during the heatwave,
 such as chickadees, are showing up again. Sadly, butterflies are few but there is
 a beautiful Black Swallowtail laying eggs on my dill plants. . . . . . . .and, always a thrill, 
two ruby-throated humming birds are showing up at their feeder on the front porch.

What's up in your garden?  
Are you, like me, awaiting cooler weather so the garden becomes more hospitable
 to work in and enjoy?  For me that really doesn't begin until after the first frost
 (a long way off, usually around first week of November here). Then, thankfully, we will
 see an end to mosquitoes as Autumn leaves start to fall. . . . . . and spending time
raking will be pleasant in cool temperatures.

My thoughts and prayers continue for all in Texas who are impacted
by the continuing effects of Hurricane Harvey, a truly devastating storm.


  1. You really got some amazing shots of the squirrel. We can't feed the birds in the summer here, because of the bears. But I do feed them in the winter, once the bears go into hibernation.

  2. I always enjoy seeing the squirrels when we travel to North America, and the chipmunks too. Lovely pictures of the little guy eating.

  3. Dear Mary, You take the best close-up shots and you must keep your windows polished every day.
    We now have three cranes joining our menagerie. They make the most awful noise when approached.

    1. That's so funny Gina because the kitchen windows were actually grimy with some cobwebs when I took the pix - my camera didn't seem to mind though. Yesterday I actually sent Bob out to clean them!
      Wow, cranes are awesome birds - don't blame them wanting to stop at your spectacular pond.
      Mary -

  4. Oh, can we have a picture of the fox, please? I so love foxes!
    We have the red-brown variety of squirrels here, they are our native ones and I sometimes see one in the cherry tree near my kitchen window. When I leave nuts on my window sill, they are always gone next time I look - I know some of them are eaten by the birds, but I am pretty sure the squirrel(s) come for a snack, too.

    1. No didn't get pix this time but here's a link to an old post when the entire family was in the back garden!

      Bet your squirrels are pretty - ours are only the grey variety.

      Mary -

  5. He's beautiful and seems to really be enjoying his breakfast! Great photos, Mary!

  6. Fabulous photos, Mary. Are you on Instagram?

    1. Thanks Deb. No, not on Instagram or any other social media - just the blog!

  7. Woweee - fabulous details in those photos. What a lovely visitor. We have grey squirrels and black squirrels - the black ones seem to be busier than the greys right now - sometimes they have a bit of a tussle about who is the boss. One of them is jumping from the birdbath to the feeders -clever little critter.

  8. Wow, that super close up is incredible! Great shots here.

    Lovely descriptions as always. I don;t mind the squirrels here at all either. It's the crows that squawk all the time that drive me nuts but worse still, the nocturnal creatures across the street. That is, our beer guzzling, chain smoking night owls who insist on sitting outside in front of their front door every night from about 11:30 pm to 4:00 am almost every night! of course, being drunk, they think they can sing too!! Ugh. Lack of sleep means as soon as winter comes we can close the windows and say goodnight, truly, to the night chatter! :) lol.


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