Tuesday, August 22, 2017


During this time of trying to beat the August heat by staying home more, 
organizing some of the little things in life are filling my time.
One thing requiring attention was ordering new 'contact cards' from
the fabulous Social Print Studio.
I've used them before and have been more than pleased with their
 products and service. 

Being retired I no longer have, or need, an actual business card, but I do
 like to hand out one of these cute square contact cards to new friends and
 acquaintances (first comment is always "oh what a cute shape"),
 especially if they're interested in visiting my blog.
Just pick one or more of your favorite photos, load them, choose a 
  template for the reverse. . . . . . and you're on your way in no time.
Prices are fair, printing and shipping is fast - I ordered last Friday and they
 arrived in my mailbox yesterday!

I chose my above four photos for the contact cards this time.

Social Print Studio has been in business since 2011. Located in California, 
it looks like they are a company where it would be so much fun to work!
I hope to be ordering again from them soon.
Go HERE to see a previous order for larger prints to display at home
in one of their wood block stands - another great idea!


  1. I love those cards. I am going to do this after we settle in to our new house! Thanks for the link Mary.

    1. You will really enjoy anything you order from them Penny - and the people who work there are so nice.

  2. These really look very pretty! Carrying them around in a business card holder is not possible with these, though, or do they fit format-wise?

    1. I don't use a business card holder anymore Meike - I just tuck a few of these into my iPhone case and wallet - works well!

  3. They are lovely Mary, but especially so, because they show some of your very special images♡

    1. Thanks Rosemary - just think how fabulous your own photos would look! Wonder if they ship overseas - I will check.

  4. Thanks for the info Mary. You are so much more clever than I. I'm sure I'd mess it up.

  5. No you wouldn't Donna - it's really easy - plus the customer service people are very helpful if you have any issues you need assistance with.

  6. Thanks for the link to this site. I have been looking for something similar for quite some time.

  7. Your images make stunning cards, Mary. What a great idea. I like the square shape.

  8. Thanks to your recommendation the last time I have been ordering contact cards too. People always love them.

  9. Great idea! Most of the time we're still trying to dig out pen and paper when sharing contact information. Your contact cards are gorgeous!

  10. What a lovely idea, Mary. You are always so enterprising! I would love someone to hand me such a card one day. how fun for your recipients.


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