Monday, August 21, 2017

Sunflowers for the total eclipse . . . . . . . . . . .

This weekend, as I entered Trader Joe's to pick up a ball of fresh
 pizza dough and a couple of bottles of rosé wine (still the best refreshing
 drink for our continuing heatwave - high 90's and so humid), I was again
 blown away by the selection of colorful, affordable floral offerings. 
Five beautiful sunflowers for just $3.99.
My daisies from last week are still fresh, and a few more sprigs of dill
 from the garden are tucked in. Adding sunflowers seemed perfect for
 some happy color on the table.

I'm not planning to actually look at the total solar eclipse today, saving my eyes!
 No photos planned, but we'll definitely be aware of it here in North Carolina
 where it will become dark early to mid-afternoon. 

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot 
see the shadow. It's what sunflowers do.
~ Helen Keller ~


  1. Your bouquet is perfect, the added dill is a special touch :)

  2. Nice to see you are still active, and your "blog hiatus" is not as severe as I was afraid it would be!
    Sunflowers are wonderful, aren't they. But then of course yellow is my favourite colour, so it is hardly surprising that I like them so much :-)

  3. Love them too. Trader Joe's is so affordable. It was the first thing I noticed. Wish it wasn't so far across the city as I'd go more often.

  4. Your arrangement is beautiful! We will have 99.8% coverage here in Saluda, NC. I have the approved solar eclipse glasses, so I will do a little looking!

  5. What a beautiful bouquet with those gorgeous sunflowers. They will definitely keep things bright today. We won't be seeing much of an eclipse here either -- overcast and too far away from the main path of the moon's shadow anyway. You will be more aware of it there even if you aren't watching it.

  6. Your bouquet is gorgeous, Mary. I didn't spend much time outdoors during the eclipse, but I did photograph a few flowers in the shadow. The light was certainly eerie. I like the airiness of the dill in your bouquet.

  7. Beautiful! I like how you paired them with the daisies and dill.
    I'm glad we didn't waste our money on the special glasses as it was a bit of a dud in our area. We did, however, find it fascinating to watch coverage on tv.

  8. Your flowers were the perfect way to celebrate. I was in California, but still (through glasses) see the partial eclipse. Quite amazing!

  9. I don't think I recall reading how that went, but here one could barely tell it was even going on. Five beautiful sunflowers for just $3.99? You Trader Joe's has far better deals methinks! :)


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