Friday, August 18, 2017

A Look At Life II. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Photos from Ireland, England and North Carolina - 2016

Still working at getting back on track here on the blog.
I'm needing some time to plan, organize, think through, relax, discover, detox the
 body and perhaps more importantly the mind. I've stopped watching television news. 
Am I sticking my head in the sand to save my sanity?
 Maybe I am, but at my age I can do that. 
Currently I'm having a difficult time with the world situation. 

I want to enjoy the beauty of life.
For a start, I need to spend more time on my huge library of photographs
 from the seven continents, doing something worthwhile with them.

This past week I watched the most amazing two hour program on my
 PBS station - Ireland's Wild Coast (watch the trailer) with
 award-winning Irish cinematographer, Colin Stafford-Johnson. 
Be certain to see the program if you can.
Since visiting there last year I've not stopped thinking about the glorious
 beauty, magnificence, peacefulness of that lovely country's Western Coast.
If it was at all possible I believe I would move there tomorrow, or even today!


  1. What beautiful pictures Mary. Very soothing.

  2. Yes, very beautiful. You do all the relaxing and detoxing your mind and body need, Mary.

  3. I love seeing your travel pictures Mary. I too am not watching the news.....

  4. I am having a lot of trouble with the world situation myself. It's hard to come to terms with life when so much is in turmoil and nothing seems to make sense! I love Ireland so much...would love to see the program!

  5. I would love to see Ireland one day which is actually a little surprising as my ex was Irish American and her family woudl constantly bash the English and praise Ireland so I got a bit tired of it plus my ex was such a Francophile that I'm surprised she ever married me. hahah. Anyway, I will for sure go there. Galway, for some reason, is the place I most would like to visit there.

    You know, I haven't watched TV news properly for about a decade now, if not two. I read everything online. Still gets depressing though!


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