Monday, August 7, 2017

Some New Bern History. . . . . . . . .

Touring - Road Trip - whatever you like to call it, we like doing it!
North Carolina farmland - tobacco and cotton above - plus a lot 
of corn, soybeans, pumpkins and other food crops.

Historic New Bern is a charming riverfront town set along two rivers, the Trent
 and the Neuse, and centrally located along the North Carolina coast.
Settled in 1710 by Swiss and German immigrants, the colonists named 
the town after Bern, capital of Switzerland.

Note the reference here to famous American folk singer James Taylor.
There are some lovely historic homes in New Bern.
 View of the Neuse River from our hotel room.

On this corner still stands the pharmacy building (blue awning in the photo collage
 below) where Pepsi-Cola was invented. 
Known first as 'Brad's Drink' which he later patented as Pepsi-Cola.
Now, more like a mini-museum to the cola drink, you can purchase souvenirs
 and enjoy a drink at the recreated soda fountain.
Bob used to drink 'Pepsi' but personally sweet, fizzy cola drinks have never been
among my favorite beverages.

 On the way home we stopped at a roadside farm stand for peaches and veggies. . . . . . . 

. . . . . . these are South Carolina peaches, always so good.
I cut some up tonight, drizzled with Chambord black raspberry liqueur and
 served with vanilla bean ice cream, delicious!


  1. I'm afraid I can not see any blue awning in your Picture, but it is still interesting to see where the Cola drink was created! Like you, I am not fond of sugary Drinks - except for sparkling wine and champagne, which contains quite a lot of it! On a hot day, an ice cold diet coke (or Pepsi) is very refreshing, though.
    Some very pretty houses in New Bern! I wonder how many descendants of the Swiss and German families are still around.

    1. Meike, the photo is in the collage - red brick building with bright blue awning.
      Yes, would be interesting to know how many families have remained in town.
      Mary -

  2. I have never been to New Bern. It looks like a fun place to explore. Your peach dessert sounds wonderful.

  3. I love New Bern! My husband and I were pondering a move there when we retire or some other coastal area in Norht or South Carolina.

    Do you have any other favorite towns to road trip to in NC or SC?

    Love your photos.

  4. Can't help but miss the East coast when I see such photos...what a great trip! I miss it!

  5. Very interesting. I had never before seen fruit sold by the peck. When I was a child at school, we learned the weights of the various bushells and we learned of the existence of the peck measurement, but I had no idea it was still used anywhere. Fruits is of course sold by the kilo here.

  6. The sights are most wonderful, but those peaches OH MY! How I would love some good peaches. We don't get them here. Heading to California next week and hoping I find good peaches and apricots.

  7. This has to be one of my fave posts of all yours I've read on commented on tonight. Lovely photos of a charming town. how pretty. For some reason, old American towns like this with such architecture really seem special to me as they are so few and far between. Love those signs. You know, bob, has such a warm smile. I bet he is such a great guy. :)


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