Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The color purple. . . . . . . . . .

At the weekend I carried home bunches of purple stock, white daisies, and some
smokey greenery, all from Trader Joe's and less than $10.00 total. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . bringing loveliness to the dining room table.

I added stems of dill flowers from the garden - the perfumes mingle gently
 and the colors are cool and refreshing on these sticky, humid August days.

Summertime in the south, especially the month of August, you just have to
 grin and bear it knowing that Autumn can't be too far away.

Did you see that purple is becoming the 'it' color in decor - yes purple is definitely
 in the air. I do love the cooler purple hues, such as a deep periwinkle blue-purple,
 rather than the warmer shades such as fig with more red - and of course 
true blue-black aubergine purple is always my favorite.


  1. What a lovely bouquet. I am looking forward to creating some floral arrangements after we move into the new house.

  2. Penny, your homes always look stunning, fresh flowers or not! However I know you will love displaying a lot of beautiful things, including flowers, once your lovely new home is completed and you can move in!
    Meanwhile today, as it's much too hot and humid to be outside, I'm dusting down cobwebs in my old cottage - where the heck do they come from?
    Mary -

  3. Your bouquet is beautiful. Purple and white are a lovely combination. Here it feels as though autumn is coming too soon; the temperatures have cooled down considerably. Today I picked figs and remembered you mentioning a flatbread with fig recipe, so I just googled it and came up with something. It was delicious! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Lovely arrangement. Mary. I wish I could give you a bouquet of daisies from our garden. Alan planted them years ago and they are blooming like crazy this time of year.

    Miss you as always...no trips planned yet...

    Jane xxxx

  5. I can just imagine the scent of your beautiful stocks.
    When we were in France we had two enormous fig trees loaded with fruit. Sadly not so here!

  6. That flower bouquet is beautiful! I love the flowers from Trader Joe's. Great selection and so inexpensive compared to other stores.

  7. That arrangement looks better than the pros, Mary. Spectacular! I soooo love it.

  8. Keep on working, great job!


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