Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Collard Pottery - blue stands the test of time. . . . . .

Soon I'll share some changes in decor at the cottage.
Meanwhile, digging through stored items - no room to display all the
 'treasures' at one time - I decided to give these two beautiful English
 pottery jugs a prominent place on the mantel so I can enjoy 
their lovely blue hues.

They have been in hiding far too long. They were my dear mother's and
 two special things I brought back across the pond from the house when she died. 
They are Collard earthenware from Honiton, Devon, a lovely small town 
 (also known for handmade lace) about a 45 minute drive from my childhood home. 

 Handmade and painted, all pieces - such as my two jugs in Collard's highly
 regarded Jacobean motif - were created by just 30 artists employed from 1920
 until the pottery was forced to close at the start of the Second World War in 1939.
 The workers were either called up to join the armed forces, or involved in some
 other wartime occupation. Owner Charles Collard and his daughter Joan
 maintained the pottery property throughout the war years and reopened in
 October 1945. Once back in production, Collard sold the pottery and retired
 in 1947 at age 73. He continued to make pottery in his garden kiln until losing
 his sight in later years, but stayed active until his death at age 95 in 1969. He was 
actually born and died in my hometown of Torquay.
From a news report I discovered that Joan celebrated her 100th birthday in 2015,
 but haven't been able to find out if she is still living.

Because there are some lovely shades of blue in these jugs I am finding them 
perfect to display with my new look for the living room. . . . . . . and of course 
they do bring happy memories of my mother, including her often heard words such
as, "Mary, dust the jugs carefully, don't drop them".
Both pieces are back stamped, the small one being Shape 27, and the large
Shape 34.

I have always been interested in the Jacobean motif, especially in needlework.
 Later I'll share my one and only crewel work embroidery piece. . . . . . done
 in the long ago days of good eyesight and I suspect more patience!


  1. Those are beautiful Mary. Never seen the pattern. I have some Wade pottery pieces and of course blue and white English pieces. I also have one of the little pots in your header in the left picture. Was it a tea caddy of some sort?

  2. They are beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing more of your new look.

  3. I had not heard of that pottery. It really is beautiful. We can so easily put treasures that are dear to us away in a box and forget about them for years. I'm glad that you have these out and you can hear your mom's familiar words. :)

  4. Absolutely LOVE these Collard jugs...blue motif pottery is my fave!

  5. Your two jugs are very special, and very beautiful. They deserve to come out and light up your room again. Can't wait to see the new look.

  6. I admit I prefer the smaller jug. How absolutely lovely, though, that you have two Collard pieces. I think the artists would be very proud that you have taken such exceptional care of these.

  7. Dear Mary, What treasures you have. The glazes on your pottery jugs are beautiful.

  8. The jugs are gorgeous and I do also love that design in crewel work. Wonderful! Now I want to see your new living room look. It must have blue in it. I had read that blues are the in color this year. Just looking a J.Jill catalog and found some blue there.


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