Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Scribble Picnic. . . . .. . Buttoned

Buttoned up 
Button-down shirt 
Button your lip 
Buttons & Bows

I looked about the cottage and found buttons are part of my life.
They appeared on clothing, sandals, bed linens. . . . . . . and many on 
pillows. Back in my sewing years I was always making pillow covers 
and my favorite way of closure was not zippers but buttons. I have a
huge collection of antique buttons including mother-of-pearl, Bakelite,
metal, and even crocheted. These I loved to use to embellish a pillow 
cover and, fortunately, I had an automatic buttonholer on my machine
which saved a lot of time.

My 'sketch' from a photo, with a little help from PicMonkey and pencils of course, is
of one of my French toile fabric pillows 'buttoned' with antique mother-of-pearl buttons. 

Above you can see the real thing along with another 'buttoned' pillow cover I made.

Scribble Picnic theme for today is BUTTONED, yet another 
fun challenge from Michael.
Hope you will visit there and see what the group have come
up with this week.


  1. I love buttons too. These are great pillows.

  2. Beautiful pillows! What a wonderful idea to use buttons instead of zippers. I thin the buttons make it more special, especially if they are treasured pieces.

  3. Wow what beautiful pillows as is your pillow art, fabulous take on the theme Mary!

  4. That's a neat idea for buttoned.

  5. I have always loved pillows, and your special buttoned ones are lovely. What's a couch or chair without pillow....just too plain. The digital art works nice for this.

  6. I love a buttoned pillow cover! Yours are beautiful.

  7. I have a passion for cushions it drives the Prof mad

  8. your picmonkey sketch worked out great. Amazing handmade pillow covers too. joining from scribble picnic.

  9. Gorgeous pillows. Great use of those beautiful buttons!

  10. Mary,
    I have never seen any pillows like that. I guess we don't have many buttons in our house except on a blouse - and I don't wear those. So? thinking? My hubby's shirts have buttons. A few pants have them too.
    Great pillows.

  11. Those are so beautiful, Mary, and so impressive that you actually made pillow covers! I love it when they have buttons. Seems more luxurious that way. So glad this theme gave you a chnce to revel in that nostalgia and tell us all about it here! Wonderful.

  12. What pretty fabric for your pillows! Love the buttons, too.
    My mother had a buttonholer attachment she used with her sewing machine, but I never got up the nerve to try it myself.

  13. I love your pillows and your rendition of them, Mary. They're so wonderful and cosy! The pillows we bought after arriving back home from living in England last November have the cutest buttons on the back. Love them. Anyway....beautiful work. x

  14. Love your pillows with the buttons. When I have made pillows I always dig out some vintage buttons to button them closed.

  15. Beautiful pillows, Mary...including your variation of the real thing. We learned how to hand-sew buttonholes in high school but I preferred sewing buttonholes by much faster. Where would we be without buttons...a great invention, for sure.


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